The Genius

I once thought of an idea… And I felt like a genius.
It was a simple prospect though; nothing spectacular. But the fact that I hadn’t heard that idea from anyone else made me feel like I was a smart-ass. I mean, I was smart enough to have thought it first right?
Then I was watching a movie… And someone in the movie suggested the same idea to her friend.
I was like “Woah… That Chica stole my Idea!”
But that was a lie. The writer of that movie script didn’t know me; and besides, that movie was out months before I came up with the idea.

And that was when it hit me…
There’s rily no “new” idea in the world.
What ever you’re thinking… Someone had thought about it too.
But one should learn something…

INVENTIONS have taught us that the one who can bring that idea to reality first, is the bigger genius. I mean, men dreamt of flying long before the aeroplane was invented… Even Da Vinci who designed one of first flying machines, is not fully acknowledged when flying machines are being talked about.

ART teaches us that though we might have similar ideas within us, we might view and express them differently. That’s why art means different things to different people. We’re individuals; complex human beings that cannot be exactly the same way, even as twins.
We can relate to the same idea, but we are likely to view/express it differently.

WRITINGS -whether presented with precision and style, or plain humour with simple language patterns- open our eyes to issues we acknowledge but can’t explain. We find ourselves having ideas but not being able to express them. Reading from the mind of other people help to express our own concepts and realise the higher genius in the ones that are able to use their talents to express them in ways we couldn’t. That’s why whether we’re reading recreational or motivational books, we find that we can relate to it’s content.

We’re all geniuses, but in different areas and different degrees.

Anything the mind of one man can imagine, the mind of another man can create. (Jules Verne)



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