True Happiness

It’s amazing how many books that are out there telling you how to pursue happiness… How to ACHIEVE happiness.
*eye rolling*

We are not the same in this world, even with our immense number. We might have similar goals, hopes and dreams but trust me when I say we all have our own way of reaching them.
Even when they tell u “add a pinch of salt” people have their own definitions of that PINCH. Some would take the tip of a knife or spoon to measure a pinch, while some would actually “pinch” the salt. Some might decide to mix a bit of sugar with that salt.
No mind is alike.

Happiness is in your essence. Unlocking it is the key. You can read all the books in the world but if you don’t trust your inner self, nothing will work.
You’ve got to find a way to unlock that voice in your mind and listen to it.
You’ve gotta be like driftwood… Flow with the waves.

Not tips like “Smile more” and stuff. What if I’m actually someone who finds happiness when I’m not smiling?
Sure it’s different from the usual but that’s what we all are… Different.

To be happy, block out every other human being but yourself. You’re open to suggestions from them, but you don’t live your life by THEIR rules. You could take their advice on the pinch of salt, but only you can define what you call the pinch of salt.
It’s so hard to do, trust me.
But once you can do that, you’ll really be happy.
A book will never tell you this.


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