I battle with insecurities a lot. Sometimes I’m so high up there- feeling higher than the world… Invinsible, if u will permit me to say.
Then I crash… Lower than the centre of the earth.

I find myself feeling like the best person on earth… Then like the worse person that ever existed.
I have tried so many things to help me love myself, but It seems like the only thing I’m good at is insulting myself.

But I know my worth… But I never believe in it most of the time.
I’m trying to change.

My insecurities make me hate myself. It makes me please others at my own expense. It makes people take me for granted. It stops me from having fun. It makes me hate my existence. It makes me annoy my best friends and close friends with my paranoia. It hinders possible relationships.
It ruins everything.
Because I let it.


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