Çhapter Six: After – Party Musings

“Probed” is a science fiction concept with a Nigerian setting about five extraordinary children trying to live ordinary lives. Subsequent chapters will be released every Tuesday each week. I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I love writing it!

Having to apologize too many times is far from professional… but hopefully it’ll be the last one. I will never upload a post from my phone again! Messed with the formatting and it was all muddled. I want to thank you all my readers who gloss over my typos and attribute it to the rush hour and those who point them out to me. God bless. My little audience is all the encouragement I need, whether you comment or not.

Chapter Six

Muyiwa looked around him. The party had died down, and most of the students were wasted on the couch, floor and other uncomfortable looking places. He sighed dejectedly. He suddenly wished he could drink himself to stupor, but it was impossible. No matter how much he drank, he could never get drunk, just like he couldn’t be poisoned or drugged. He had been tested with so many substances— cocaine included — and he couldn’t even get high. It was cool when he went out with friends and he was the only one not drunk after so many bottles, but at the moment he would do anything to get drunk. Maybe then he’d find some sleep. What had happened about half an hour ago still taunted him. He pushed someone off the couch and lay down on it. He looked at the still body on the floor and shrugged. He was too far gone to notice that anything had happened. He stared at the front door dejectedly and sighed. Ronke hadn’t come in since, and it was cold outside.

She still had my jacket on, but her dress is pretty short.

It was then he fell into a dreamless sleep.

“Muyiwa did you hear about Jack Daniels?”


“Jack Daniels naa… Moses Okoro.”


“I swear you’re not in this school.” Michael said, shaking his head. They were on their way to class for an afternoon lecture. “Moses Okoro is one Microbiology student in 300 level. Everyone calls him Jack Daniels because he always walks into a party with a bottle of Jack Daniels.”

Muyiwa rolled his eyes at the unwelcome piece of information. People could be very ridiculous.

“Anyway Jack Daniels got into an accident yesterday around that house party we went for. He crashed into a streetlight.” Michael said with his eyes full of excitement at the intensity of the news. Muyiwa almost froze in his tracks. “He’s fine, he just passed out. People in the street got him to the hospital in time. But they say he can’t remember a thing that had happened.”

“Na wa o. I hope he’s fine sha.” Muyiwa said, trying not to sound too concerned.

“Yeah… he just had some minor injuries.”

Muyiwa resisted the urge to let out a sigh of relief and proceeded to walk into class right behind Michael, but he had stopped at the entrance to say hello to someone.

“Ronke! What’s good?”

Muyiwa hurriedly brushed past them, trying hard to avoid eye contact. “Guy you’re in the way.”

He was pretty sure he could feel their eyes on him as he went over to secure a seat for himself and his roommate. Michael came over shortly and nudged Muyiwa.

“Why do you always act funny around girls?” he asked Muyiwa tauntingly as he settled down beside him. “You sure you’re straight?”

“I’ll break your head o.” Muyiwa said with a frown.

“Wetin? Even the girl had this look on her face like na wa o when you passed like that.” Michael said with a laugh. Muyiwa shook his head. He knew it was for a different reason.

“Better get yourself a girlfriend.”

“Better stay out of my business.”

Muyiwa was going home that weekend, and he couldn’t wait. He went home at least once a month, and even though Michael teased him about it, he didn’t care much. He missed his siblings and the Ogunbades. He thought hard about how his siblings would react to what had happened. He definitely couldn’t tell the Ogunbades, they would panic, Lillian especially. But his siblings never kept anything from him, not that he knew of.

Mustapha leaned next to the door of the rarely used school library on the top floor clutching the carefully scripted note in his hand. He had found it lodged in one of his notebooks and was curious to know who the sender was. He put the paper close to his head and inhaled gently again. It wasn’t from someone in their class. It was probably from another arm, or even a courageous junior.

His ears perked up at the sound of very soft footsteps moving towards him. He turned his head sharply and narrowed his eyes at the petite girl a few feet away from him. She flinched at the brief eye contact they made and she averted her gaze to the button of her navy blue blazer. Mustapha looked at her white socks that stopped right above her ankles. Only SS3 students were allowed to wear ankle socks.

“I didn’t think you’d show.” She said in a thick voice that didn’t quite match her stature. She fiddled with her hands hidden in her blazer pockets. Mustapha shrugged and rested his head against the wall, staring at the ceiling. He raised the note to her view, holding it up between his middle and index finger.

“How did you get this into my notebook?” he asked briskly. He noticed her flinch again from the corner of his eye. She probably thought he was upset about it. He didn’t care— he was just curious.

“M-my class teacher is your government teacher, and I’m the class captain. I saw a notebook you submitted the day before on his desk when I was helping him after school with test scripts.” She said, her voice getting bolder as she explained herself, as if she was slowly realizing how courageous she was to have even attempted to get across to him.

He turned to look at her this time, and her knees went weak as soon as she looked eyes with him.

“So you know my name.”

“Mustapha Ogunbade.” She said with a nod. He looked away, secretly hoping his aloofness wasn’t drawing the very attention to he was trying to avoid.

“I don’t even want to know how you got to know that, but you seem very nosy.”

Her eyes widened and she let out a gasp.

“Give me your hand.”

“What?” She wasn’t expecting that. Reluctantly she stretched her hand out towards him and he dropped the note in her palm and closed her palm around it. Her heart was beating fast at the fact that he didn’t remove his hand from hers. She worked up the courage to tear her gaze away from his long slender fingers to look at his cold, expressionless face.

“What’s your name?”

“Shade… Shade Adeniran.” She answered in a breathless whisper.

He took his hand off hers abruptly and started to walk away, much to her surprise. She let the note fall off her hand as she stared at his retreating figure in confusion. He turned to look at her before descending the stairs.

“Shade… don’t try to talk with me ever again.”

Nneka smoothed her skirt and started her walk to the car park, ignoring the stares of onlookers as she usually did. Though she was good at hiding her emotions, she couldn’t help but cringe on the inside when she saw the hungry stares from the so-called males admiring her beauty. She let her mind stray to more important things, like how to get Aisha to help her with her further math assignment. Just then a figure blocked her path, shocking her out of her reverie. It was her best friend Ovie, the only guy she dared to let be close to her. Maybe because she believed he was secretly gay. He seemed like the only guy that didn’t drool when he set his eyes on her, even though he never failed to pay her compliments. She had a natural beauty, but she had what the head scientist called the “Naiad complex”, which meant she was designed to attract the opposite sex at will, like the Naiad (or sea nymphs) in the Greek mythology. The consequence of the enhancement of her physical appeal in the eyes of the opposite sex, though it didn’t work on those who knew about the Naiad complex. Even having the faintest information about it turned the switch off towards that individual. This was the reason she hated the scientists; she couldn’t blame their sexual harassment on the complex— they could help themselves and chose not to. It was also the same reason she felt safe around Fredrick and Richard; they were well aware of her complex.

“Amber Rose how far?” he said with a chuckle, handing her one of the cups of ice-cream in his hands. He liked to compare her to Amber Rose because of her really low cut and hourglass figure. She took the ice-cream and gave him a questioning look.

“I didn’t buy it for you joor. I bought it for one girl but she left all of a sudden… and I didn’t want it to waste.” He said with a laugh, shoving her lightly.

“Okay o. I thought you’ve turned to one of those boys stalking people up and down.” She said with a laugh, fiddling with the ice-cream spoon as they walked down to the gate.

“Can you blame them? When you’ll be blinding peo—”

Ovie cut his words short as a black SUV drove past them. Nneka’s eyes lit up.

“Muyiwa came home for the weekend?!”

Ovie turned to look at her in surprise. “You know that guy in that car? Is he your boyfriend?”

“Ovie haba—”

“I’m not surprised… all these secondary school boys are too small for you naa.”

“Shut up. That’s my brother joor.”

Ovie set his lips in a thin line and raised an eyebrow.

“I’m serious. Follow me and come meet him.”

Ovie shook his head. “No o… whether you’re his sister or girlfriend, I’m still in the danger zone hanging around you in his presence. I’ll see you tomorrow dear. Don’t waste that ice-cream o!”

Nneka laughed and walked faster to her brother, who was parked close to the entrance. Students in the car park were already casting curious glances at the broad shouldered guy in dark sunglasses leaning on the expensive car. As she moved quickly to where he was and hugged him, she knew most of them would be thinking he was her boyfriend, just like Ovie. She didn’t mind; it might even throw some of the guys disturbing her off their game.

“You didn’t tell even anyone you were coming!!!”

“Hey sis. How was school?” he said, grinning at her.

“It was okay. Want some ice-cream?”

Muyiwa shook his head, and they both leaned on the car and talked a little while she finished her treat. Mustapha was already at the car park before Muyiwa pulled in, so he walked up to them as soon as he noticed them.

“This one that you came to pick us up today.” Mustapha said with a chuckle as they got in. Muyiwa smiled at his brother. He didn’t even seem surprised to see him.

“I got home early and was bored so I went for a drive. It was already close to your closing time by the time I was ready to head home. I already saw Abiye and Aisha at home.”

“How long have you been out? Was Aisha hibernating when you left?” Nneka asked, a little too enthusiastically. Muyiwa looked at her suspiciously before pulling out of the car park.

“No she wasn’t. Why are you asking? What do you want her to do for you?”

“Nothing joor… just one small math assignment like that. Could we stop and buy chocolate on the way home?”

Mustapha chuckled. “It can’t be a small assignment if you want to get her chocolate.”

Nneka folded her hands and rolled her eyes. “Abeg… my head hurts. I need air to enter small. Let them not use assignment to kill me.”

“What’s she even doing at home anyway? I know our neighbor Mrs. Essien takes Abiye home whenever she comes to pick up her nephew for her sister since he gets off earlier, but Aisha is still supposed to be in school.”

“They had this field trip in JS2 and she insisted on not going.” Nneka said with a shrug. “You know Aisha’s advanced brain has its own brain touch. Her mood switches anyhow.”

“When we get home we’ll talk about it. How about we stop by KFC?”



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  2. The writer will say my own is too much but this reminds me of a time i did slip a love letter into the note of a girl i admire at a lesson place. I was thinking she’d get home before she finds out but unfortunately for me she discoverd it just before that day lesson ended she brought it out and herself and her friend read every word from it aloud and pausing to laugh inbetween, that’s one of the moments in my life i wish i could invisible…sadly i wasnt


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