Chapter Eight: A “Sora Log” Kind of Love

“Probed” is a science fiction concept with a Nigerian setting about five extraordinary children trying to live ordinary lives. Subsequent chapters will be released every Tuesday each week. I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I love writing it!

It’s quite short, I’d admit, but it’s actually the first time you’ll read a Probed chapter in the point of view of someone other than the kids. Enjoy!

Chapter Eight

Shade zoomed into the last scene of the latest anime romance comic she was reading via her iPad, her eyes widening with delight at the way the story ended. Her younger brother tapped her arm impatiently and rolled his eyes.

“We’re at school Sade.”

She wordlessly got out of the car and started her strut out of the car park with a familiar face made her freeze. Her brother looked at her quizzically.

“What’s wrong with you?” he asked in a slightly irritated voice. His sister was the only sibling he had, but he considered her to be very weird. He followed the direction of her eyes to a trio of students heading out of the car park as well. One was a light-skinned beautiful senior with a low cut, the other a lean and very tale male senior, and the last one a junior student he knew too well. He screwed his face and looked away.

“You know Aisha?”


“The junior student with the— don’t tell me you were looking at that guy.”

Shade looked at her brother in surprise. “Do you know him?”

“I think he’s Aisha’s brother.”

“Who’s Aisha?”

Her brother let his shoulder sag in defeat. “The junior student with the guy you were drooling over. She’s my classmate. She’s an ITK; no one talks to her much. She acts like she’s better than everyone because she’s smart, and she’s a snob.”

Shade let out a grunt. “Look who’s talking. You that you’re an attitude giving professional.”

They didn’t say anything after that. By the time the siblings were out of the car park the trio was still in sight. Shade looked at Mustapha thoughtfully as he played and joked with his little sister and an idea dawned on her. She grabbed her brother roughly by the arm.

“What’s your problem Shade?”

“Banji… I need a big favor from you.” She said, with her eyes still glued on the trio as she spoke. “If you do this for me I’ll owe you a big one.”

Banji wrenched his arm from her grip. “What is it? See you’ve rumpled my shirt!”

“I need you to become friends with Mustapha’s sister.”

“Ehn? Who and who?” Banji cried out in protest. “Why would I want to do that?”

“Don’t you see? He’s obviously very close to his sister. If you guys become friends she might agree to assist me in getting Mustapha to like me!” Shade said, beaming at her plan. Banji gave her an irritated look and hissed.


“”You’re so rude Banji.”

“It’s better than being desperate.”

“I swear I’ll beat you up here and throw you into the gutter.”

“You better leave me o! You have no idea how much I hate that girl.” Banji said angrily. “She’s the reason I’m now always on second position! I won’t get the best student plaque for my class this year, that’s for sure. And mummy and daddy said they will get me that new video game for Christmas only if get that plaque this term.”

“I see… so are you going to help me?”

Banji stormed away from her angrily.


Mustapha let out an irritated sigh and looked up at Shade. He hated to admit it, but he knew that voice anyway. It was always weird when he remembered it was coming out of such a petite girl.

“You’ve started stalking me now?” he said, frowning deeply. He loved to hang out in the unused library on the top floor during break. Only a stalker would know that.

“I just followed you here. I wouldn’t call that stalking.” She said with a non-committal shrug.

Mustapha rolled his eyes again. She was a really persistent girl.

Suddenly she dropped down on the chair next to his, and he got up quickly.

“Stop trying to creep me out.” He said through gritted teeth.

“I just want to be friends and all. And maybe later you’ll like me, like the couple in Sora Log.” She said in a low voice. Mustapha looked at her confusedly.

“Sora Log?” He asked despite himself.

“Yeah… It’s this romance manga about this girl who falls for a tall guy who’s like a social outcast so they make up lots of bad rumors about him in school, but she doesn’t mind.” She explains excitedly. “Eventually her persistence made him warm up to her and they become a couple!”

There was more to the story, like a childhood trauma the girl had that caused her to have anemia to a particular portion of her memory, and the tall boy’s musical talent, but that wasn’t what mattered now. The boy in the story was unreachable, but only because no one ever tried to bridge the gap. Whenever she looked at Mustapha she felt he was kind of lonely, and maybe if she hung around him so much to the point he’d tolerate her presence, he may get to realize she was the company he needed all along.

“The girl in the story sounds pathetic.” Mustapha said with a shrug. Shade stared at him as though she had been slapped.

“I am… I mean SHE is not pathetic!”

She had believed so much in the story to the point where she felt it was bound to work in her life. And there he was, calling her pathetic.

“I probably shouldn’t have talked about the anime.” She said in a low voice.

“Yeah… you shouldn’t have.”

With that he got up to leave. As he got to the door he felt a hand tugging his.

“It doesn’t matter if you think she’s pathetic. I’m pretty sure the guy felt the same way when she first started hanging around.”

“Whatever you say Shade.” Mustapha said, rolling her eyes. “I don’t care about what you read or what you believe in… I just want you to stop stalking me.”

With that he shrugged his hand from her grip and rushed out of the library, slamming the door on the way out. It took her a while to get it open because the handle was old but when she did she he ran after him, but the hallway of the top floor was deserted.




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  2. About This
    There are many people , girls especially (I donate no apologies for being precise) will now be comparing their love story/ relationship life to such in novels and movies…Those were edited if its a novel and even the movies had several “CUT” and behind the scene to have made them so perfect than reality is… For example i havent seen the complete “Fifty shades of grey” but theres a particular scene i preview that if you try that kind of setting with a girlfriend she’d breakup with you and if its a wife, she’d report you to her parent or yours that you want to kill her…I rest my case


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