Gone “Camping”

Dear Readers,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this: probed is going to be on hold till June. I have to be at my Youth Service Camp for three weeks, starting from Tuesday. *shudders*

I appreciate every one of you that have followed the life of these five kids through nine chapters… And it sucks that the tenth one will be on hold till then. But expect a very packed chapter 10 as we celebrateĀ TEN good weeks of anticipating Probed!

God bless all my readers for the comment and support. My love goes out to even those that do not comment. Whenever I check my stats and see a good number of views, I feel so elated! I pray for the grace to continue to write you beautiful chapters.

Bear with me till then,

Wolfger Ricardo.


1 Comment

  1. I left a comment May 5th just to come back here and i find it not publish..arrrgh!
    Hope you’re having a blast @ the soon to be completed Camping.
    Wishing you a Splendid, blessied,funfilled service year. Otondo!
    On Probed i hope this chapter 10 will be so long one would read for hours Non-stop *fingercrossed


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