A Brief Hiatus

Dear Readers,
I love you all so very much. So much that I implore you to understand why I have to do this.
Recently I’ve been assigned two writing jobs, and I need to focus my creative and intellectual skills on both to further improve my overall writing skill.
Even with my head bursting with imagination, its impossible for me to successfully concentrating on all three without one faltering. It is for this reason I implore you to understand the need for this pause in the series. I’ll be back up by    September, because August I’d be teaching high school students creative writing and I want to put a lot of focus on that too.
I appreciate how far we’ve gone, and I promise I will deliver and bring you more beautiful chapters in the month of September. Thanks for the encouragement I get from your views and comments. I don’t need a thousand to obtain the morale I already get from you guys. You’re the best.

Yours Sincerely,
Wolfger Ricardo


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