The Igbo Identity

Be true to your identity… This cuts across all cultures, not just the Igbos!

Orient-ation: Igbo-Made Experience

Identity: Sense of who one is.

This piece isn’t another briefing of how the Igbos came to be, or about their migration into the land that was destined to be theirs. This is about the uniqueness of a culture amidst the over five hundred languages that are spoken in this beautiful country of ours. This is about what singles you out amidst a crowd of diverse cultures in a room, what makes us worthy to be deemed as one of the three major tribes in Nigeria. An Igbo man in the East is in the region of his origin, and definitely identity around there is separated by communities and dialects. But an Igbo man who comes into a land of another tribe will agree that he finds a greater need to identify himself to his culture more than ever before. There is a need to remember where you came from…

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