Chapter Fifteen: Hello Stalker

“Probed” is a science fiction concept with a Nigerian setting about five extraordinary children trying to live ordinary lives. Subsequent chapters will be released  each week. I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I love writing it!

Hi Guys! This is way shorter than my short pieces, but i so had to end it this way. And more would have ruined the effect.


Chapter Fifteen

Felix was running late because of the traffic, and Richard had to be at the office because he was expecting an important client. Who then was going to deliver the package in his possession that was just as important?

He thought hard and reluctantly decided to assign his first son with the task. He found Mustapha also in the oldest child’s room. They had been playing video games before he walked in.

“Muyiwa I need you to deliver something to this address immediately.” Cutting the boys short they could greet him. “I need to be in the office and Felix is stuck in traffic. I can trust you to perform this task? You know how sensitive my work is.”

Muyiwa gave a confident nod as he collected the package, on which the address where it was to be delivered had been written on it.

“I’ll text you the name of the restaurant as soon as I confirm.” he said, giving Muyiwa an encouraging smile. “You are to drop this package with a man named Mr. Adeniyi and you’ll receive another package in exchange.”

Mustapha raised his hands to get his father’s attention before he left. “Could I go with?”

“Sure no problem.” Richard said absentmindedly before closing the door behind him.

The boys hurriedly threw on some clothes and rushed to the car. Mustapha was already by the door of the SUV with the keys by the time Muyiwa walked out the front door. The older brother snatched the keys from the younger and smiled mischievously.

“Doesn’t matter who got here first… I’m driving.”

The trip down to the appointed destination took less time as expected, and the exchange was pretty brief. The man wasn’t hard to spot; being the only man dressed in a suit whose eyes lit up in expectation as they walked in. They greeted briefly and exchanged packaging. The man offered to buy them lunch but Muyiwa hurriedly declined.

“We have to be getting back.” He said, giving the man an apologetic smile while shooting his brother a sideway glance. Mustapha also nodded in agreement.

“Never knew you to turn down an offer for food.” Muyiwa said with a laugh as they returned to the car. Mustapha shrugged and gave his older brother a little smile.

“It all depends on who is offering.”

There was very little traffic on the way back, and with the windows rolled up; coupled with loud music and the air-conditioning blasting in their faces the ride was smooth and enjoyable. Suddenly Muyiwa’s face hardened and Mustapha stared at him inquisitively.

“Someone’s following us.”

Mustapha studied his brother’s face quizzically. He was never wrong about such things, but he had to ask.

“You sure bro?”

“You didn’t notice I’ve been taking alternative routes back to our place, and this car keeps tailing us.” Muyiwa said with a low voice. “It’s no coincidence.”

“I feel it has something to do with the parcel we just received.”

“I feel the same thing too Mustapha.”

Muyiwa decided to drive through a bushy path. The car still tailed them at a far distance. The boys exchanged a knowing look and Mustapha decided to get out of the car and stand on the side of the road like he wanted to urinate. Being one to cover long distances, his eyes had been trained to see clear as far as a mile away, so he could prepare for obstacles he might encounter on the move. He turned towards the men and could see from where they were that they were arguing among themselves. Suddenly the car drove down towards them at top speed and blocked the path in front of them. Mustapha pretended to be taken aback as three masked men stepped out of the car, pointing guns at them.

“Get out of the car!”
Muyiwa complied and slowly got out with his hands in the air. Mustapha did the same.

“Where’s the package you were given?”

The boys had guessed right.

“What package?” Muyiwa said, pretending to be both scared and confused. Within himself he chuckled. His younger brother was far better at masking emotions, but he hoped he wouldn’t be the one to flop.

“If you lie there I’ll blow your head off!” Another of the masked men threatened. Muyiwa had to make harden his face to keep himself from laughing. He would like to see them try.

“Thank you for sparing us the favor of having to track whoever the parcel is to end up with.” The third masked man said with a small chuckle. “Who knew our job would be done before noon?”

“Bros you too dey talk… shut up before you say the one wey you no suppose say.” The first masked man warned before turning the gun to Mustapha. “Hand over the parcel or I blow this other guy’s head off.”

“What guy?” Muyiwa asked, still feigning confusion.

The masked men’s incoming words were cut short by the sudden disappearance of Mustapha.

Mustapha had known it was his cue to move. He knew he wasn’t bulletproof like his brother, but he knew it would be hard for them to shoot at him so he was perfect for creating a distraction. He stood in between the other two robbers and tapped them by the shoulder. The three of them jumped in fear and one of them pulled the trigger by accident. But Mustapha had disappeared in a flash and the bullet ended up lodged in the first masked man’s shoulder.

“Guy why you shoot me naa?” The masked man asked, crying out in pain.

“No be you I wan shoot naa!!!”

Muyiwa frowned. It was an accident, but it could have been his brother if he wasn’t fast enough. He started to walk towards the masked men menacingly, his anger growing at the distance shortened between him and them. They started to shoot at him with shaky hands, but even though most of the bullets shot at him hit his body— as evident in the holes and tears in his clothes — the bullets dropped to the ground, not leaving a scratch on him. By the time he got to them he was furious; he couldn’t help but think what would have happened if it had been Richard or even Felix that had been out on the errand. Would they have shot them after forcefully collecting the parcel?

With such a disturbing thought in mind it took all his willpower not to tear those masked men into shreds, so he settled for breaking their hands instead. The guns dropped from their hands as they cried out in pain from an effortless squeeze of Muyiwa’s hand, but it didn’t stop him from breaking the other ones too.

He couldn’t kill them, he had questions to ask.

“Who sent you to pick up the parcel?”

The man he was holding groaned in agony. He grabbed his collar and shook him furiously.

“I’ll break your legs too if you don’t answer.”

“I no know naa! Na our oga know!”

“Who be your oga?” Muyiwa said, practically screaming at the masked man.

“Na him wear blue shirt.”

Muyiwa looked up from the man and sighed at his brother, who was chuckling mischievously. “Mustapha, stop playing with the robbers.”

Mustapha chuckled again and sped in front of the men who had run a good distance trying to escape being knocking them down flat with a single blow. Muyiwa walked up to where they were, dragging the one he interrogated along the ground as he did so. When he got there he threw him into the midst of the other men.

“Who sent you?” Muyiwa asked the masked man in a blue shirt in a cold voice. The man swallowed loudly before answering in a shaky voice.

“Cc-chief Bb-enson!”

“Chief Benson who?”

“I-iii don’t know! Na wetin everybody dey call am be that!”

Even with a surname, Chief Benson wasn’t a name that he would know. But it was most likely his father would, which was why he needed names.

“What does he want with the parcel?”

“How I go know? Na only to collect package him contract us for.”

“It’s like you think I’m playing.”

Within a few seconds, Muyiwa had cleanly popped the man’s shoulder joint out of its socket without the fraction of an effort.

“Aaaahhh! Oga abeg I swear I no know anything!”

Muyiwa sighed. If only Aisha was there. She knew how to analyze vitals and body language to tell if a person was lying. He decided to let them go, even though all he got is a name.

He popped a certain point at the back of their heads and they all became unconscious. They weren’t going to remember anything that had happened today when they woke up. It was a technique they had been taught at the facility.

“Let’s go Mustapha… I’m sure Dad has been calling us.”

Mustapha eyed his brother’s clothing. “There’s no time to go home and change.”

He pulled off his t-shirt, leaving only his white vest underneath.

“You’re lucky we’re roughly the same size.”

Sure enough, Richard had been calling repeatedly. They went straight to his office to deliver the package. Richard looked at his children worriedly as they walked in. Muyiwa had a deep scowl on his face and Mustapha’s face was hardened.

“What’s wrong? What happened?”

Muyiwa’s expression softened as he saw the worried look on his father’s face.

“Dad… something crazy happened today.”



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