A Downer.

I implore your final forgiveness. This might make me lose more readers but I didn’t write this primarily for surplus readership.

I have to be honest with you guys… Its been hard writing Probed each week with the numerous projects I have filling my hands.

I will not stop writing Probed, but please understand that it can no longer be weekly. I love to write, but I have a job that also demands my attention.

Please do not be upset with me; chapters will come, but no longer as expected.

I always beg for forgiveness, but this is the only way this can stop.

God bless.



  1. Naaaa
    I assume you’re just being too modest to seek forgiveness anyways.
    You didn’t wrong us and you owe us nothing really plus you’re doing a good job with the Probed series really, i for always wonders how someone could come up with such imagination and then express them in words like you always did, i’m not a retard but i believe if i was to come up with a story close to such i should be 80 years of age (having read a lot of fictional story coupled with several dozen of sci-fiction movies and lots of experience in that field)…the point here the piece of writing you drop is intriguing and it gets better with time such that if the next chapter of probed comes in 2018, anyone might not be reading it except my humble self. (I hereby claim allegiance to the blog inasmuch as it still exist and google search links me to the clog when i’m too lazy to fill it in the URL address bar)

    But i’d also suggest you put up somethings you think we might fine interesting (Re-blogging precisely). I know you might have something of such in mind also that way i believe the blog stays away from being obsolete.

    Go on and do your thing, I pray God Bless Your Hustle.

    Between we’re also in this some one hustle, but every now and then I hope myself and many other readers would drop by just to see whats published in the blog so no worries you won’t be losing readers, we’re behind you like “Ike”, To the non-yorubas “Ike” is humpback, it never leaves it carrier no matter what happens, some kinda agape love.

    Ridhwan Out

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