I recently had this idea on how to appreciate life better.

We’re always in a rush. It feels like nothing waits for us and we have to increase our speed to catch up. And soon we miss a lot of things, even the mundane ones that’ll give us a moment of fascination, wonder and peace.

I am naturally not a patient person, so this is going to be a very hard challenge for me. But I really want to try and go through with it. It’ll definitely take years to perfect, but I think it will be good for me.

I’m going to become a savorer. (I had no idea this word existed until I started writing this and found it in the dictionary.)


To “savor” in this case means “to appreciate, enjoy or relish something.”

I want to appreciate the little I can of life. The ozone layer is depleting, there’s a lot of war going on and the economy is far from sexy. But worrying over these things won’t help change anything so let me appreciate the mundane things in life that can bring me joy, like:


The warm feeling that courses through you when you’re moving or driving through a dark area at night with little light and you break into a street flooded with streetlights.

That joyful feeling you get when you see that someone takes a perfectly harmless picture and turns it into a hilarious meme

When you dance even though you’re sure you look ridiculous doing it… and you don’t stop dancing.

That triumphant feeling you feel like eating a particular meal, and a vendor happens to just “shows up” with it, and you don’t have to go far to get it.

That awesome feeling you get when you’re watching a dance movie/video and you’re busting the moves perfectly in your head

When you laugh so hard you make an embarrassing snorting sound, and that makes you laugh more

That feeling of accomplishment you get when you accept your mistakes or shortcomings and move on, rather than beat yourself over them like you normally do.

When your phone almost drops into your bowl of cereal, but you catch it just in time.

When you’re terrible at catch, but manage to stop that dodgeball.


Too many moments to count… don’t you agree?

Truth is, when I checked online for this concept I wasn’t surprised to see that I wasn’t the first to use this concept. If you’ve read my post on “The Genius” you’ll see that it’s so hard to come up with something and not have someone else already along that line.

That aside, I’d like to believe I bring an entirely new concept to savoring. Most tell you to savor and appreciate life to relieve your stress and promote well being, but mine goes farther than that. This is also to promote the art of patience.


So then… what are the “principles of savoring”?

The principles of savoring revolve around one thing: slowing down.

It’s the hardest thing to do in a world where everything seems to whip past you, but it’s not impossible. It’s true that you can’t slow it all down— I mean imagine a track racer “slowing down” because he is savoring life, or try jumping rope in slow motion, or try savoring when you have to turn in that report. Heck, I can’t even type in slow motion.

But there’s no need to rush when you eat. Whenever it’s in spoonfuls or a huge bite from that juicy burger, try to taste your food. Who says you can’t enjoy your fries one after the other? A lot of times we don’t even chew our food anymore (it‘s supposed to be part of the digesting process by the way). Chew each fork or spoonful till you can’t taste it anymore. You don’t have to chew till it turns to mush in your mouth (some people don’t like that), but you can at least chew it till it’s pre-mush. Ha.


Take time to observe. The thing about us is that we look, but don’t see, let alone observe. I bet you didn’t know that observation was what made Sherlock Holmes such as badass. You didn’t.

Observation helps you to really tell if the person you’re talking to is really interested in talking or just enduring to be polite. Observation also helps you enjoy those weird moments that bypass an individual every day, like those ones we talked about early.

So when you find something within your view, make sure you try to notice at least one thing amongst the millions of things within your line of vision… like right now I’m looking at the walls of the old library I’m in and the paint wearing in strips into different colors are looking like some sort of wallpaper design.

Some observations are dreary, no doubt. But sometimes it helps you get a heads up on things, and helps you to remember that it can’t be rosy or sexy all the time. So stop complaining.P


Before you react to anything, take a pause.

It helps a lot.

It could save you from blurting out that mean stuff you wouldn’t have said if you weren’t so angry, or making promises you can’t keep because you’re so happy, like promising to give five of your friends a 100 dollars each from the 1000 you won in a lottery, forgetting at that moment that you have a 500 dollar debt pending back home.


I’m yet to adjust to these principles fully yet. Maybe I’ll discover more as I start this savoring journey. If you know some principles and would like to share with me, I’d be grateful.

Thanks for Reading!!!



  1. Nice Piece, I dont know if its savoring
    but while i head home every evening the roads are bad and at each pothole bump i trick my brain to take it as a massage, the rigourous type. About enjoying’re outrightlr right about that, you know it also aids digestion…the stomach doesnt have its own teeth, a savourous (UK spelling) chew would really help the stomach process it faster so i read….but then it’s difficult you know…it takes lots of subconciousness especailly when the meal is delicious + you’re hungry… Savor? I pray ooo.

    You ended it well its a journey and one step at a time , we can learn to slow down and enjoy the little things of life. Life is too short not to savour!


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