Chapter Eighteen: Hard to Leave

Probed” is a science fiction concept with a Nigerian setting about five extraordinary children trying to live ordinary lives. I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I love writing it!

Hey guys i finally have eighteen up! It’s been a roller coaster, I can tell you- not just of myself, but of responsibilities. But guess what? You’re having two parts of this episode “hard to leave” which will not be space far from each other! (i might even put it up before a week runs out if you ask really nicely).

Once again… thank you all for reading!!! I appreciate the patience and support.


Ronke let out a sigh as she dropped onto the living room couch.  Muyiwa’s meeting with her father turned out even more awkward than she had imagined it would be. She couldn’t understand why her dad would be so sickly sweet towards him, even if he was the son of an influential man. They had done some business together, but it wasn’t like he said they were friends. Or was he encouraging her relationship with Muyiwa in order to further strengthen business ties with his father?

She loved Muyiwa no doubt, but the thought that her father would try to sell her off, even to the guy she loved was utterly repulsive to her. And unfortunately, it wasn’t beneath him to do so. She was going to confront him on how he acted around Muyiwa while her blood was still hot. She stormed up to his room, stopping in her tracks when she heard him exclaim.

“What?! How is that even possible?”

Her father was on the phone. She thought to leave, but she decided to hang around till he was done. Her blood might cool off if she walked away.


“What do you mean they don’t remember anything? They were beaten up to the state of amnesia? By who? I thought you said Richard doesn’t move around with security.”

Richard. On hearing the name, Ronke’s heart began to beat furiously.

“Well he wasn’t supposed to be killed yet… just scared or at most injured.” Her father said impassively. “The aim was to make sure he felt he was jumped by Ibrahim’s goons. But to be sincere, we don’t know if these guys didn’t say anything while being beat up. It’ll be a risk for the lawyer to walk free at this point… don’t you think?”

Ronke’s knees buckled. The Richard fellow was sounding more like Muyiwa’s dad at this point. Her dad did mention that they had some business together… and they had worked together in the past. But everything else was hazy to her. Who was Ibrahim?

“I know… but if we clear Richard they’ll still blame Ibrahim. He’s the opposition, and Richard is my lawyer in this case. Who would suspect his client?” Chief Benson said with a chuckle. “If that’s taken care of we can move on to step two.”

The person at the other end said something that made her father laugh heartily. “Don’t worry about that. She’s my daughter, isn’t she? If I can’t get that company by legal means, we could infiltrate through marriage.”

Ronke put a hand to her mouth swiftly to choke back an incoming gasp.

“I’ve heard you ooo… We won’t harm the lawyer unless we’re sure he’s aware.” Chief Benson said with a sigh. “Like I told you before, my daughter is dating the man’s son. I’ll keep the boy close till I become a friend of the family and know Richard in and out. We all know how private that man is. I just need to keep approving of the boy and their relationship till step two is ready to be put in place. Hahaha I kno—”

Ronke silently walked to her room. Her father talked carelessly about sensitive issues like that like there was no one else home. Who knew his voice could be audible enough through a mere crack in the door. She curled herself in her bed, her body trembling as she went through everything she had heard. What could she do about it?

Tears began to blur her vision as she contemplated the next course of action. She was going to tell Muyiwa no doubt, but she was scared that his father would remain a target either way.

She absentmindedly reached for her phone and unlocked it, a picture of her and Muyiwa coming into view as her wallpaper. She squeezed the phone tight with the intensity she felt was equal to the tight feeling in her chest. Why did it have to be Muyiwa’s dad?


Muyiwa returned back to school on Sunday. He felt similar what he imagined a spike being passed through his body would feel like… if he could be pierced. There was a twisted feeling in his gut that was different from when he was feeling hunger pangs, and it grew worse whenever he received a call from Ronke. After the meeting with her father, she started to sound really emotional over the phone, like she knew he had plans to break up with her. It was getting harder to stick to the resolve. She was too good to him— there was nothing to capitalize on. And lately she kept going on and on about how happy he’s made her and how much she loved him. It’s been tearing him to pieces.

He found himself chuckling though, when he thought about their first discussion about his abilities. He had been driving her to her hostel that day, after their second date. She had been staring at him pointedly as he drove, and he was forced to ask her what was up.

“Are you sure you’re not a cultist?” she asked plainly.

“No… I told you before. I’m not.”

“So… you’re never gonna explain what happened the night we met?”

Muyiwa chuckled. “If I did… then I’ll have to kill you.”

“Not funny Muyiwa.”

“Who said it was a joke?”

That shut her up. She frowned and turned to the window, determined not to utter another word till he dropped her off. Muyiwa glanced at her as she sulked and let out a defeated sigh.

“See, Ronke… the less you know the better for you. I can’t tell you I’m a regular guy, because that would be a big fat lie and we both know it. If I scare you that much and you can’t deal… I’ll understand… you don’t have to date me.” Muyiwa said curtly before switching to a soft and pleading voice. “But I can promise you that I’d never hurt you, and no person or thing can hurt you while I’m around.”

When he was done he waited for a response from her, but all he got what silence. He turned to look at her, only to find her staring at him with her mouth open in surprise.

“You’re still cute like this.” he said with a laugh, shutting her mouth with his finger. She quickly turned away in embarrassment and he laughed some more. That was the last time they ever talked about that night, or anything related to what had taken place.

She had trusted his words, and accepted him with the little she knew. She had believed him when he said he wouldn’t hurt her, but now he was about to break that promise.


“Guy… what’s wrong with you? You’ve been moody all week.” Michael had asked him on the way to lectures that morning. “Did you have a fight with Ronke? Because I know that’s your only weakness.”

Muyiwa shook his head in reply. He wasn’t in the mood to talk. He and Ronke were having a joint course together today, and he knows she’d look for him. He had successfully come up with reasons not to see her since he got back. He should have skipped class today— no one would have crucified him. But deep within he felt he came mainly because he wanted to see her as badly as she wanted to see him.

Michael had literally bumped into Ronke on their way in as they tried to make their way through the crowd of students. He grabbed her by the shoulders and laughed heartily before giving Muyiwa a mischievous look.

“Ronke thank God we found you! This guy here has been acting funny lately, and I figured you’d be the best person to cheer him up.”

Ronke chuckled, but Muyiwa could tell that even that small gesture was false.

“Don’t worry I’ll talk to him… please help us keep seats.”

“Okay… don’t take long sha.” Michael said before heading off to do as he was told. Ronke turned to Muyiwa, who gave her a nervous smile.

“So… no hug or nothing?” she said in a small side voice, and Muyiwa grabbed her immediately. Her scent was addictive, even when drowned in perfume Muyiwa could always smell it out. He gave her a tight squeeze before he let her go. Ronke stared at him in surprised.


Muyiwa laughed. “What is it again you this girl?”

“You hugged me like you hadn’t seen me in years… you didn’t even care how people will be looking at us.”

“Do you want me to care?” he said, offering her his hand. She took it.

“Hmmm…” She cocked her head, mock pretending to contemplate on the question. “Nope.”

They found Michael in no time… or rather, he found them.

“Husband and wife!!!” he yelled, making people around him turn to see who he was teasing. Muyiwa still refused to let go of Ronke, even though she was getting embarrassing.

“Guy you sha like to dey find trouble.” Muyiwa said with a laugh to his roommate as they settled in the seat he reserved for them. Michael was about to say something when the lecturer walked in wearing a lemon-green suit. That was enough to distract the undergraduates.


“Let’s go grab lunch together.” Muyiwa said after class. Ronke shook her head.

“A lecturer fixed his test today and I need to catch up on my reading. Nwosu is TOUGH!”

Muyiwa laughed. “So I heard. I’ll see you later.

As soon as they separated he groaned in frustration. It would make no sense to break up with Ronke if he keeps behaving like this. The whole process would even hurt her more. And she didn’t have any bad habits he could capitalize on as a reason. He fished out his phone and dialed Mustapha’s number, but his younger brother didn’t pick up. He let out a defeated sigh and began to walk down to his hall. Before he got to his room his brother had called back.

“You know we don’t pick phones during class right?” his brother’s impassive tone filled his ears. “Luckily it was a few minutes to short break when you called. What’s up?”

“I can’t be mean to Ronke. How on earth am I supposed to cut the whole thing off if I can’t?”

“You don’t have to bro.”

“You know I do.”

Muyiwa heard his brother sigh indignantly “When I saw what you don’t like, you get angry and try to break a few bones because you know mama is there to patch me up. When I speak in your favor you ignore my advice. Why exactly did you call me Muyiwa?”

“You need to stop being so bitter and rude.” Muyiwa said, feeling genuinely sorry for his younger brother. “You talk to everyone without respect and without considering their feelings.”

“I don’t talk to our parents without respect. And to consider their feelings I prefer to shut up.”

“So you can’t respect anyone other than our parents? You can’t actually say something nice and encouraging to someone without sarcasm?”

“I owe no one anything… only the Ogunbades.”

“You’ll never learn to truly relate with the world if you keep up like this.”

“Like I cared about fitting in. That’s the burden you, mama and the others decided to carry.”

Muyiwa found that he couldn’t even get angry at Mustapha. “Guy… why do I call or come to you for advice even though you’re so negative?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you don’t have any real friends like you claim?”

Muyiwa could feel the anger creeping in at his response, but he waved it off with a sigh. “Mustapha… you’re my brother. That’s why I tell you things. I put you before all my friends because you’re one of the most important people in my life… even as bitter and negative as you are. But guy… you need to stop this sour attitude of yours… it’s no way to live.”

“Bro… short break is almost over. I need to get something to eat.”

Muyiwa let out another sigh. “Bye Mustapha.”









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