Chapter Twenty-Two: Discovery

“Probed” is a science fiction concept with a Nigerian setting about five extraordinary children trying to live ordinary lives. I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I love writing it!


So I had this on standby… and i just needed the word for me to release it. Pardon that it is a short piece, for i tried to make it longer (i really did), but the last scene was just too perfect as a cliffhanger to add to. So please read… and enjoy.

Also it’s my sister’s birthday… So I’m dedicating this post to her. 😜



Abiye was up early. It was hard for him to sleep in for a while, no matter how hard he tried. He knew that if he slept longer than 7am then he was down with something. As the familiar scent of Julian flooded his nose he turned to his side to look at his sleeping friend, the memories of the night before flooding in. His friend was safe now, thanks to him and his siblings— although he would never know.

Richard called Mrs. Olisa as early as possible, and asked her to come over to the house. The widow was full of anxiety after the call.

“Did the kidnappers say anything else?” she said as soon as she stepped into the house. Richard gave her a comforting smile and asked her to sit down.

“Would you like something to drink? Juice perhaps?”

She shook her head and frowned. “Richard… why did you call me here this early?”

“We have your son.”

She jumped to her feet. “How? Where is he?”

“He’s with Abiye… he’s fast asleep.” Richard said. “He’s had a long day… I advise we let him sleep for as long as he can— he needs all the rest he can get.”

Mrs. Olisa sat back down, but she couldn’t keep still. “How did you do it? You gave them the money didn’t you Richard.”

“As much as I wish I did, I don’t have a hundred million anywhere.” Richard said with a laugh. “I can’t tell you that Jennifer, but you should know… I know people.”

Mrs. Olisa’s eyes began to tear up. “How can I thank you?”

Richard shook his head. “Thank God instead.”

The lawyer’s face then became clouded. “Jennifer… did you tell anyone about Julian’s kidnap?”

“Not yet.” She said with a frown. “Even my sister… I refused to pick her calls after what happened. I was so upset with her even though it wasn’t really her fault, and I was afraid of saying something to her that I wouldn’t be able to take back later.”

“Good. You know it is important know one knows about this, especially about the fact that I was the one that helped you.”

“I understand how private you are about things.”

“Thank you. There’s something else you should know.”

Mrs. Olisa fidgeted in her seat. “Okay.”

“Your sister… once dated a man you don’t know… one that Julian had met a number of times.”

Mrs. Olisa’s eyes widened.

“He was the one that kidnapped Julian.”

A hand flew to Mrs. Olisa’s mouth, as if to hold back the incoming sobs.

“But he admitted that Victoria knew nothing about his plans.” he said quickly before she could make conclusions. “He knew Julian’s because he had accompanied her to pick your son up a couple of times.”

“We need to arrest him.”

“Yes. But trust me when I say, he had already served his time.” Richard said gloomily. “He had been dealt with far worse than he could have in police detention. Please let it go.”

Mrs. Olisa let out a sigh. “Okay Richard. You got my son back, so I have to do things your way.”

Richard gave her a curt bow. “Thank you so much.”

“But I already filed a police report… what do I tell them?”

“Just tell them someone brought Julian to your house in the middle of the night.”


Lillian was coming home that morning. Everyone was determined not to eat until she came back, but the girls had the breakfast menu planned. Richard had gone to pick Lillian up, and when they drove through the gates the children were waiting outside. Muyiwa sped to the door before the others got to it and opened it for Lillian.

“Welcome home mum.” Mustapha said, kissing their mother on her cheek before grabbing her hand luggage, to everyone’s surprise. He had gone to drop the luggage and returned before the others had finished hugging Lillian.

“Mummy we missed you!!!” Nneka squealed. “How was your trip?”

“It was lovely, thank you.” Lillian said, still surprised at Mustapha’s gesture. “Everyone sends their love.”

Abiye jumped happily and turned into a camel. Lillian looked at her youngest son warily.

“Abiye! What are you doing again?”

“Mummy you have to enter with style.” He said with a chuckle, and everyone else laughed. Abiye leaned and Aisha put the blanket she had been holding on his back, while Muyiwa lifted his mother unto Abiye’s back. Lillian chuckled and beamed at Richard.

“It feels like Dubai again.” she said gleefully, balancing her handbag on her laps while Abiye walked her to the front door, where Muyiwa lifted her off the camel’s back and Mustapha opened the door for her.

“What did you have for breakfast?” she asked Nneka as they all walked into the house.

“We haven’t eaten yet.” Nneka said, and Lillian whipped around to look at her children.

“Even Mustapha?”

“Not even him.”


“We were waiting for you mum.” Aisha explained meekly. Lillian looked at Richard skeptically.

“Okay… what did they do?”


Everyone stood on a straight line with their hands behind their back and their heads hung, and Richard sitting right beside a furious Lillian, trying to appease her.

“You what?”

“I told you dear… Julian got kidnapped and we—”

“You all took it upon yourselves to put your lives in danger because…”

“They were asking for a hundred million dear… and we felt—”

“Having special abilities doesn’t mean they should be exploited.”

“Mummy… we begged daddy to let us help out.” Muyiwa said, because he knew his father will try to take all the blame. “He didn’t even want us to do it.”

Lillian sighed deeply. “Kids, we can’t have you running using your abilities for things like these. We had agreed amongst ourselves that we would learn to live as a normal family despite your special design. This is not a science fiction novel— stop acting like it.”

“Yes ma.” They all said collectively.

“Please, please, please… let this be the last time I’ll hear you guys went off to do something like that.” Lillian said, rising from her seat. “And here I was thinking I was getting all that special treatment because you guys missed me.”

Abiye rushed from the line and wrapped his hands around Lillian’s waist. “But we really did miss you mummy!!!

That made everyone laugh, even Lillian. And suddenly everything was alright.

“How about I make us our famous smoothies for lunch?”

“I’m sorry to interrupt everyone, but you all have to see this.” Aisha said, holding up her tab.


Ronke stared at the blog post in disbelief. She tapped her friend Fatima and passed the phone to her. “You need to see this… it’s so crazy.”



A group of injured men were found piled on top of each other in a mechanic’s workshop early in the morning right next ghana-must-go filled with old newspapers. They were found in severe pain with several dislocated limbs and deep marks that looked like they had been inflicted by the claws of a wild animal. None of them could recollect what had happened to them, but when several guns that had been bent out of shape were found at various parts of the lot the police were alerted. There has been talk of plans to have them detained after they are to be discharged from the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH). The police speculate that they had probably lost their memories from repeatedly passing out from the agony of their injuries.


There were several pictures posted of the incident, one of them in a pile and another of them being laid out side by side, with claw marks on their face and the side of their necks.

“Abeg na photoshop.” Fatima said dismissively, handing Ronke back her phone.

“I’m not sure o… the pictures look legit.” Ronke said, peering closely at them.

“I hear you.”

Ronke sighed and decided not to push any further. Fatima was a skeptic, even more than she ever was. But meeting Muyiwa opened her mind more to the possibilities that surpassed the general perception of reality. Thinking of Muyiwa gave her a dull ache in her chest, but she waved it off. She had a lot to things to do today, and a term paper that was her topmost priority. She picked up her back and decided to head for the library when she doubled over. Fatima looked at her roommate with concern.

“Ronke are you alright?”

Ronke was about to reply when she noticed the droplets on the ground, collecting together from thin streamlets she could trace all the way up her thighs, running from underneath her shorts. Her eyes widened in confusion and she tried to scream, but realized that she couldn’t find her voice. As she stood there, numbly staring at blood dripping down her thigh with her mouth open, she heard a scream that didn’t come from her. Fatima held her by the shoulders just as her eyes rolled over and she gave into the darkness that had begun to take over.







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