The Demented Poet

Read and Enjoy the weird tale of a poet that lost his mind, part inspired by Alesana’s Album, “The Emptiness” (If you love screamo and don’t know them, I would be very shocked right now)


“Insanity is a blood curdling concept, in which its affliction is worse than expressed to the world. Gloom hangs over like a heavy cloak, and looms over us like the dreaded grim reaper; flashing depression at us as its scythe, taking over lives…

Yet we still live— as ghosts of ourselves, shedding our past emotions like old skin withering away without use— Insanity is indeed a surreal concept.

Don’t you think so?”

I look up after the last line from the faded paper at your figure suspended in mid-air.

The ropes hanging from the ceiling that bind you give an extra effect to your torn dress hanging limply from your shoulder, and your long hair blowing softly in the soft breeze coming in from the window opposite us. The moon— our only source of light, seems so cold and lifeless tonight.

Did I really think there was anything magical within that glowing sphere?

The more I gaze at it, the more I see the moon turn red.

The hue began to deepen until it can be likened to crimson with so much liquidity at the surface I almost expected to drip and rain blood from the sky.

“Oh No! The moon is white again! I need to see more of that lovely color.”

Your green eyes widen as I bring out the blade, It is shiny, so wonderfully sharp. It only took a little pressure at the tip to release that wonderful color; a dramatic contrast to my skin. Your ivory skin is so flawless—I wonder how crimson would look on you…

Your arm is so pretty Diane; see the crimson liquid flowing down your hand… tastes better than mine though.

Why do you keep trying to scream? I had to bind those lovely lips of yours, yet you still make effort. And what are those dripping from your face? You can’t be so happy as to express such joyful tears on my behalf. I’ve not been that good a guy seriously. But I try.

I’ve always admired your silken hair Diane; can I keep a lock with me? I knew you’d accept.

Oops! It seems like I cut a little too much.

Your hair is so pretty Diane; let me put it next to mine on the floor here.

I remember all our times together Diane; it was so sad when we broke up. But I’m here now. Aren’t you happy to see me?

Diane… why aren’t you answering?

Maybe a little pressure along your leg will help you loosen up. Wow, more of that lovely color. And it still tastes better than mine.

You like that Diane? Does it feel good?

Why won’t you answer ME?!

Stop kicking me! Alright I’ll pay attention to this leg too if that’s what you want.

Stop Squirming!


Remember how I loved to trace your spine? Do you like that Diane?

Oh… that lovely color again.

I wish you could see it Diane; it’s down your back though.

Maybe I should take a picture and show it to you.

Let me just leave this wedged in your back.

I’ll be back soon.


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