A Dozen Dark Poetry Pieces: Marie Antoniette, Snow White and Dreamcatcher

Like I said in my last post, I stumbled on this piece, but they were mesmerizing. I was looking for pictures of deep sea creatures (they scare the hell out of me and yet mesmerize me at the same time) when I came across a picture that looked like a perfect picture prompt. When i went to the site I saw a lot of other interesting pictures, so i decided I’d do a short poem on all of them. Check HERE!

Some of them are just PERFECT for some stories I had planned to upload here… so don’t be surprised when a picture pops up in other corresponding stories! Read them and tell me what you think…

Pretty Cool Huh?

I picked about a dozen so I’d be posting in threes. So… enjoy the first quarter of the poetry series!!!

No, Snow White, No

No, Snow White, No

Don’t ignore your instincts telling you to flee

Don’t push back the fear welling up inside when you know

That she’s likely to be more than the frail old woman she appears to be


Vanity evolves into bitter disdain

Hatching plans to remain the fairest

Innocence radiating far more than needless pains

Pale skin and a light heart overshadowing the darkest


No, Snow White, No

Don’t listen to the voice telling you not to trust

Not to reach out for my gift and give it a try

You’re the reason I’m here, accept this you must

This isn’t the envy, or jealously even

It is merely a misconception to correct, a title to redeem

I’ve worked too much to be the fairest; your beauty alone couldn’t have been

Enough for you to be held in high esteem



Marie Antoinette’s Revenge

No, I meant not to do it

You didn’t believe me then

Your judgement was swift

And for me that was the end


But regret kept me breathing

In the darkness of my grave

Turning my confusion to loathing

Spurring me to be brave


I couldn’t stand up for myself then,

But I guess I can now

As I break from my den

At my feet you all shall bow


The axe you know not of, was placed at my feet

As I stick my head back on I hold on deftly to this instrument of revenge

I come in my pretty dress, formerly sweet,

And whatever I do now, I meant to do it.



The web of your dreams spun in your mind

The gossamers intertwining as you fall deeper in sleep

Forming a complex design that forever binds

In your subconscious hidden deep


Why then, do we forget

Most of our dreams as soon as we wake to reflect?

Why do most of the sweet sensations and terrifying appearances met

Fade from our memory when we try to recollect?


The gentle caress of her heavily ringed fingers

As she traces our minds with her pointed nails

Her hair is made with the cobwebs of the memories of the old that lingers.

And her clothing from the fibers of the vibrant youth that sails


Your personal thoughts are sealed in her soft kiss

Your secrets she does not care to reveal

Her horns crown her, more valuable than her jewels as they drain the bliss

And the terrors our minds unveil










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