The New Endolyte



I stared intently at the single drop of blood resting at the tip of her finger. My pupils dilated at the sight and my head moved weakly towards the direction of her finger as she waved it back and forth in front of my face. I wanted it. I needed it.

My throat was dry, and I clawed at it, only hurting myself more as my nails tore up my skin. She had explained to me that it would take a full day for my body to harden into the leather hard feature it ought to possess. I had just begun to transform this morning, so at the moment I looked like a humanoid that had been stripped of his outer layer of skin.

I was shriveling up though… unless someone of my kind could supply me with their blood. There were a number of unknown consequences involved with sharing your blood with a newly formed Endolyte. The consequences varied with individuals, but none of them were known to me.

I put her finger to my lips; that single drop producing numerous flavors that exploded my taste buds. I couldn’t stop myself from drawing more blood from her finger. When I finally heard her gasp I turned to her, only to see her eyes rolling to the back of her head. She was letting out small sounds as if in ecstasy. I didn’t know whether to stop or continue, but when I finally let go I dropped to the bed wearily. Drawing up her blood took up the last of my strength, with the warmth of the beautiful violet fluid spread all over my body in the form of a tingling sensation.

As I fell into a deep slumber I heard her say, “We are one now. If I die, you die. If you die… I’ll die too.”



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