One More Try

I’m going help people and do great things.

I’m going to look great and have flawless skin.

Our brand is going to have awesome outlets and make crazy money

I’m going to get a new phone

I’m going to be a famous writer.

I’m going to stop being insecure.


I’m going to do all these things one day… maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week.

Maybe ten years.

I really want to do it tomorrow. All these things. I want to do them right now.

But more than procrastination, I’m scared.


When I saw that image I featured, it made me wonder “If I had this book, I probably would have dealt with things better “. Hahaha who knows.

A book would have helped.

Ever since I was a teenager I have always been so hard on myself and it makes it so hard to enjoy life. I never find myself feeling like I’m good at anything, even Christianity. But because I’m not as good as I want, not as interesting as i would like to be, or have as many followers as I would like… or as devoted in Christianity as I should be… I trample on myself constantly.

Do you ever feel not good enough? Do you ever trample on yourself for not being not good enough?

I feel a change coming… a change that doesn’t seem like would be possible anytime soon.

But who cares? Who cares if I do not get it right tomorrow?

The most important thing is to make an effort. Start.

Crawl till I learn to walk. Pick myself up when I stumble.

And one day, I’ll probably not even remember the day I started to walk…

Cause I’ll be too busy running.

Just wait and see.


Oh Yeah!!!

Could you be a darling and vote for my upcoming novel?

“Bounds” is a fantasy fiction that opens our mind to the beauty of breaking out of the mold life puts us in… like a caterpillar. 

But the story is not about a caterpillar. You can check chapters one and two if you don’t believe me. Haha.

Please vote HEREThanks!!!








  1. This piece must have happened in my head just like it’s about me with only slight different. We know what want, it’s not looking down on others but we are just better at some things than most people can yet we don’t feel good enough. To me it’s a perfectionist mindset, waiting for the right moment to kickstart something you’ve always craved for…

    I love this part

    “The most important thing is to make an effort. Start”

    You could agree with me that’s the hardest part of it all.

    Like a race, the gunshot is gone several times but we stay glued to the starting line, afraid to move an inch for the fear of not making it to the finish line, making critical analysis on our competitor, dreading on our chances of failure and creating scenarios of what-ifs is the battle we all fight.


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