Black Coffee and Mocha: Cerebrum Blues

Greg is a dark-skinned, philosophical model who is the perfect gentleman… every naïve girl’s worst nightmare. Thelma is an ambitious bad-ass combining school with running her own bistro… every unserious guy’s worst nightmare. Together they form a dynamic duo never failing to get caught up in one adventure or the other… especially when they don’t even try!!!

This chapter is specially dedicated to Tega Oteve because it’s her birthday today… much love darling!!! Please check out her blog… you’re missing out on a lot if you’re not already. Enjoy!!!

The piece is inspired by a funny video up a friend shared with me. i think it was made by a guy named @mfon_umoh on instagram.

Another Chapter of Probed is up!!! It’s short but necessary for the next chapter to come that it ended that way.


Greg let out a fake grin at his date. It hurt his head making conversation with a girl with no brains, but he knew how to stay afloat with a word or two. Usually Thelma didn’t even let him hook up with such girls so he was out of practice but since she was away for the weekend, he was free to do whatever he wanted… especially when it involved girls which rich dark skin like he had— they weren’t so easy to find where he stayed.

“They’d probably think we’re brother and sister.” Greg joked as his date smiled back at him. He hated starting conversation when there was nothing to say.

What kind of one-liner was that? He ruined it before anything had even started— he was pretty sure of it.

His date ignored his quip and flipped her weave. “If you take me somewhere else, I’ll pretend you didn’t just say that.”

Greg let out a nervous chuckle. There was still home. “Okay… do you have any place in mind?”

His date’s mischievous face looked totally out of place with the grin she had on.

“Your apartment would be nice.”


“Greg… I promise you’re gonna have a great time.”

Greg chuckled, but not nervously this time. Her hands wrapped around his waist from behind as she pressed her frame tightly on his.

“I intend to.”

“And you don’t need to be extra careful… I’m clean.”

“Errr…” he usually got uncomfortable with girls that needed to justify their history, asides the struggle to believe if they were actually telling the truth.

“Yeah I am… no gonorrhea, cerebrum or whatever.”

“What?” Greg found himself slowly disentangling from her grip. “Did you just say… cerebrum?”

His date (her couldn’t remember her name, but at this rate he didn’t have to feel bad about that) nodded slowly. “Yeah… I’m cerebrum free— my doctor confirmed it last week.”

“Oh my days.”

“Well… not my doctor exactly… but it was some guy I hooked up with, and he said he was a doctor— he even wore a white coat and everything.”

Greg moved towards the nearest seat and plopped on it. This was too much to take standing. His date took it as a cue to switch to story-mode.

“You don’t know how relieved I was to hear that.” she said, wiping an imaginary sweat off her brow for emphasis. “I mean, I can’t afford surgery… I’m still struggling to pay my tuition and all that. Who knows how long I’d have to live with it before I get treatment… maybe if I had a rich husband who could afford to help out and wouldn’t mind marrying me with the cerebrum then it wouldn’t be so bad… don’t you agree?”

“I think you should go confirm with another doctor before you start making plans.” Greg said with a sigh. “Besides, I have a cerebrum, so I think we shouldn’t do this.”

His date gasped in shock and picked up her purse, slamming the door behind her as she left. Greg sunk deeper into the couch, cursing under his breath.

“This is all Thelma’s fault!!!” he cried out with a groan. “She’s turning me into a sapiosexual.”

But even with that, he couldn’t wait to tell her his ordeal.

She was going to have a laughing fit… and tell Ivy.

He’d be hearing about this for months.





*A sapiosexual is someone who is attracted to intelligent people.



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