Chapter Thirty: What Could Go Wrong?


“I miss you.”

Something was definitely wrong with Sade tonight. He glanced at the screen briefly before replying.

“Someone sounds sedated.”

“Ouch. I’m so glad we’re not dating.”

“We couldn’t. You have terribly unrealistic expectations.”

“Why do you find romance unrealistic?”

“You should sleep.”

“My meds aren’t kicking in. Besides, I napped in the afternoon.”

Mustapha frowned. As much as he was glad to have someone to talk to some nights, he was always concerned when she didn’t get enough sleep. It’s been less lonely lately, with his new screen duty added to his list of night time activities. CCTVs had been installed all around the house so he could keep watch while the others slept. Ever since Chief Benson, a former client of their father who had tried to use him as bait to create a sense of animosity from the opposing end of a tiff, threatened him as soon as he resigned from working as the Chief’s lawyer.


Mustapha looked at his phone a few seconds after he sent it. No reply.

He smiled to himself. Sade had finally slept.


“It’s been two weeks… and everyone is still hailing me.” Muyiwa said, shaking his head. Michael laughed and gave him a hard slap on the back, regretting it almost immediately.

“I throw amazing parties… what did you expect?” His best friend said, wringing his hurt hand in pain. “I’ve immortalized your name on campus bro.”

“You know attention is the last thing I seek.” Muyiwa said, right before his phone vibrated in his pockets. It was his father.

“Good afternoon sir… not at all… we were just returning from lectures… I just wanted to check up on everything going on at home… ah, that’s great to hear… we won’t slack nevertheless. Good bye sir.”

Michael raised an eyebrow at Muyiwa. “The way you talk to your father is weird.”

“Weird? How is it weird?”

“It’s like a mixture of formality spawned of course from respect, but also laced with some close knit love-bond y’all got going in that house.” He said with a laugh before lowering his voice to add quietly, “I kind of envy it.”

“You’re kidding right?”

“Not at all. Even though I lacked nothing growing up, I grew up without a dad and it took a while to really come to terms with it, that’s all. But it’s totally past tense now.”

Muyiwa didn’t know what to say next, but while he thought hard on the best way to respond, he heard a shrill voice right behind them.


The boys froze. They knew that voice even in their sleep. They turned around to face their course mate Binta. She was staring at them so much they guys wanted to take off. Binta never took to making conversation unless she wanted something from you, which was what made the two friends uncomfortable.

“You mean… us?” Michael asked dumbly, tugging the collar of his buttoned up polo.

“Don’t be stupid Michael.” She said rolling her eyes before turning her attention to Muyiwa. He tried to avoiding her gaze.

“Nice party… I never got to tell you how much fun I had.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.” Muyiwa answered uncomfortably, still avoiding her stares even though he could feel them on him. Binta was so beautiful it hurt to stare at her too long. Her natural fair skin was spotless, and glowed so much you would think it was polished. Her full pouty lips were always stained with scarlet or deep purple lipstick, and she only fixed long-length human hair weaves. Both friends were convinced she was a mermaid on dry land, as a wave of foreboding washed over them on first sight. Lucky for them she did not see any need to talk to them… until now.

“Do you know I like M&Ms a lot?” she asked him, leaning too close to Muyiwa for comfort. He took a step back and tried not to swallow.

“I used to prefer smarties because they were just the right size.” She said with a chuckle. “I wasn’t a fan of the bulky stuff, until two weeks ago.”

The boys’ eyes widened, as they both secretly hoped they weren’t reading another meaning to her seemingly plain sentence.

“So I came to tell you guys, that for opening my eyes to a new kind of taste… I’m willing to crunch on two at once.” She said with a wink before retreating.

Muyiwa was the first to thaw out when she left.

“That was… subtly intense.” He said with a shudder. Michael folded his arms and looked at Muyiwa in shock.

“Abeg… there was nothing subtle about that intensity. Which kind life be this?”

“And you’re asking me to thank you for throwing party.” Muyiwa said with a hiss, narrowing his eyes at Michael. “She go dey reason say we get bar because we wey still dey 100 level dey throw that kind party.”

“If it was another babe now… I’d have volunteered myself since you get Ronke and me be lone ranger… but this one… e fit be pesin wey she go use do sacrifice she dey find.”

“Haba Michael. What if she’s just born that way?”

“You mean like your sister?”

Muyiwa gave Michael a sharp once over, but Michael did not flinch.

“May we talk true naa… your sister is finer than Binta hands down… and Binta fine pieces.” Michael said with an impassive shrug. “I mean she’s got fair flawless skin as well, but doesn’t wear heavy makeup… and her hair dey low like say she be Amber Rose. And her shape na—”

“E be like say wheelchair dey hungry you.” Muyiwa said, clenching his fist. “It will take me nothing to break your legs.”

“Even your anger confirms that there’s truth to my words.” Michael said with a laugh. “Please don’t get angry. Why I really brought up your sister was honestly to point out that despite her jaw dropping beauty that seems to suck ones’ soul in, she doesn’t give off that mammy water vibe that Binta does.”

Muyiwa’s muscles relaxed slightly. “Thanks… I guess.”



“You don’t look so good sir.” Fredrick observed as he looked at Richard after he got off the phone with Muyiwa.

“I haven’t been sleeping well, that’s why.” Richard admitted after taking a sip of coffee his secretary had brought in for him. “I’ve been overwhelmed with how Chief Benson is going to strike next… or if I’d be his target.”


“Lillian… she’s been so worried about me… I haven’t had the mind to tell her what’s going on…”

“Sir… maybe she’d accept your plans to relocate if you actually told her.”

“This is her dream home… we haven’t even been here long enough.”

Richard lowered his head. “I think I should retire. Stop getting mixed up in places and people like this.”

Fredrick looked at him in surprise.

“I thought you wanted to hit the big fifty sir.”

Richard raised his head slightly so he could look at his PA. “Really Fredrick? With everything going on do you think I have time for milestones?”

“I’m sorry sir.”

Richard let out a depressed sigh. “Mustapha has this house under his watch at night, but what happens when we’re on the move? What if it was you or Lillian that was ambushed… or one of the kids that can’t defend themselves… like Aisha?”

“Maybe we should get bodyguards for the time being?”

Before Richard could answer Fredrick, his phone began to ring. He picked up, his eyes widening at the realization of who was on the phone.


“I hate when Professor Bakare gives us those term papers.” Michael said in a low voice as he furiously wrote down notes from a library book. “I thought terms ended with secondary school abeg… and ten pages! Ten—”

“Hold that thought abeg… my dad is calling.” Muyiwa said with a chuckle, picking up the phone while fiddling with his pen.

“Hello Daddy… who’s where?”

The pen dropped from his fingers in shock.

“I’ll be right there.”

“Dude… is everything alright?”

“Yeah I’m sure everything is fine… I’ll be right back.

It was hard for Muyiwa to contain his anxiety. He needed to figure out why Mr. Fredrick had to come to school all of a sudden. Something wasn’t right.







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