It’s Been A While (Probed RECAP and MORE!!!)

Hello July!!!

*breathes in deeply*

It’s good to be BACK!

I haven’t posted anything ALL YEAR!!! I took six good months into the year off, risking losing my tiny fan base, but I needed it. A creative mind can implode, especially if your creativity is something you use in your work life. I didn’t want to implode, but I did anyway. Without giving excuses like I always do (since from all I’ve given so far you can deduce that I’ve been up to a lot) to give you new content!!!

It’s been quite an eventful year so far, and I’ve got a lot more lined up… all I want to do is either be a kid again, or make enough money to employ a personal assistant.

We have no choice but to strive for the other option because unfortunately, time cannot be reversed.

To whatever is left of my fan base, get ready for quite a lot. I would not only put up the third chapter of my upcoming novel “Bounds” (I held up on getting votes, but I’m thinking of starting again from where I left off).

You’re also get a sneak peek into something quite new, but it’s not going to be out anytime soon. Just anticipate!

Anticipate more shorts about Greg and Thelma (Black Coffee and Mocha), as well as more song-inspired stories, as well as more short stories and poems.


I’m pretty sure you all will be asking…

“Where is Probed?”

Well… probed is back… shorter, but back.

Shorter… because of our dwindling attention span and my dwindling free time.

But before you delve into the next chapter, a quick recap on what has happened so far. It’s been quite a while so I know you’ve forgotten most of what happened, so I’ll put in briefs (not the underwear) to refresh your memory.

Thanks for your patience and support. I hope you still read.

I love you guys a whole lot… even those who only read and don’t comment.


The story “probed” gives us a focus into the lives of five youngsters between the ages of 8 to 21 with extraordinary abilities living with a wealthy lawyer and his wife in Lagos.  They are not born with these abilities, but their family knew about them anyway. Through connections they were able to get them into school even though they had no past records. It took a while fitting in, but they adjust after a while and begin to make friends and soon, Muyiwa leaves for university where he meets his roommate who becomes his best friend. His new friend Michael takes him out to a house party, where he meets a girl named Ronke who studies one of the courses under his department. They got talking and decided to take a walk on the street outside the house when Ronke’s ex-boyfriend came running at them with his car under the influence of alcohol. Muyiwa envelops her body with his and ends up taking the hit, causing fatality to the car due to his super strength. Bewildered by the turn out of events, Ronke takes off in fright and Muyiwa is left wondering how to handle the accidental exposure of his special abilities to an outsider. He decides to go home for the weekend to get advice from his siblings, who help out with advice even though they were paranoid about the implications of Ronke knowing. When he went back to school Ronke requested they meet up, and she assured him that she was going to keep his secret, and that was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Mustapha on the other hand had girl issues to deal with in school; a senior student whose advances he had turned down was still bent on getting close to him. Being granted super speed, he wasn’t ready to slow down for anyone, especially those who seemed so clingy like the young girl Sade. His older sister Nneka was also wrestling with her ability to draw men in (termed the naiad complex) and her crush on her schoolmate, which led to a new discovery about herself.

Soon we got a sneak peek into the past lives of the children, how they got their abilities and their experience at the facility and how they met the lawyer Richard Ogunbade and his wife Lillian.

Mustapha planned to ask Ronke out while Nneka had agreed to date her crush Folarin, but Mustapha could still not phantom the concept of emotion. Sade was still determined to be close to him and even though he didn’t like her, he had decided not to be as mean as he used to be to her.

When Christmas came the Ogunbades decided to spend their first holiday together by taking a trip, strengthening their family bond further alongside friendships. And just when they felt nothing could go wrong, Richard found himself in a dangerous situation relating to work that threatened Muyiwa and Ronke’s relationship, even though it was hard for both of them to break up with each other at first. But soon Ronke finds herself in a compromising situation that led to them splitting up, though for a short while. Muyiwa went to his siblings for comfort, and the day he went home they discovered that their neighbor’s son had been kidnapped. In the absence of their mother, the children were able to convince their father to let them go rescue the young boy Julian, but reported themselves to their mother when she came back from her trip. While still at home on vacation, Muyiwa gets a call from Michael that Ronke had been hospitalized and this prompted them to get back together, and him revealing to her the real details on how he got his abilities, even though Ronke found it hard to take in at first.

Muyiwa was having his first birthday with the family, and all the other siblings were asked to bring a guest each for a house party, with another party planned with his friends in school. The day before the party was nowhere close to being as eventful as the day of the party itself, although someone came to ruin it in the end.

Chapter thirty picks up from where the recap left, so enjoy!!!





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