Chapter Thirty-Two: Trial and Error?



“Wait please… let them go. I did say I’ll sign the document, didn’t I?” Richard pleaded earnestly.

“And I am sick and tired of you acting like you have the upper hand! Sign the document and I’ll let you all go!!!”

“I think I need some air.” Muyiwa mumbled, taking giant strides towards the door. He was getting pretty upset at the whole situation, and didn’t want to do anything drastic. His father had tried to help him get everyone else out of the way but it didn’t work— and that stressed him further. He was three seconds away from wringing that man’s neck.

“And who permitted you to leave? Come back here now.”

Muyiwa sighed. His handle was already at the doorknob. He swung it open but didn’t make a move to step out. “Sir… I can never understand how you are the father of someone like Ronke.”

“Your son has guts… and lacks manners too.” Benson said, shaking his head. “But I’ll let it slide. Come back here boy.”

Muyiwa walked back, trying hard not to unleash the anger already at its brim. Mustapha’s heart began to beat and he held Aisha’s hands tightly. Someone was going to close that door in a few seconds, which was more than enough time to—


“What’s going on here? Where did they go? They were here all of a—”

Muyiwa lunged at the nearest men and crushed the bones of their hands before they could fire the guns. The others fired repeatedly at his back, but the bullets flew right off. Nneka flew at her father, ready to take any bullets that would possibly stray towards him. Abiye was nowhere to be found.

Muyiwa turned on the men who kept firing their shots. As he walked up to them lethally he saw Nneka drag Richard out of the room with the corner of his eye, so he felt more relaxed.

“There is no way I would let you lay a finger on my family.” he said between gritted teeth as he dislocated their right hands in one swift move before wiping out their memory as he did to the first henchmen that had attacked him and Mustapha. He turned his attention back to the men who had their hands broken, getting ready to perform the same wipe when he heard a large scream coming from the outside the front door. It didn’t sound like his parents or siblings so he didn’t bother checking.


“Ha…. This one is from fry-pan to fire.” Chief Benson yelled, trembling visibly. “Where did this thing snake come from?”

Richard could barely hold Lillian back. Even though her knees were shaking from the sight of the huge python wrapped around Chief Benson, she was determined to ensure her little boy didn’t hurt anyone. He wasn’t the same boy he was at the facility, and even in the face of danger, she would rather he remained her little boy.

“Abiye Ogunbade I need you to put the man down.” Lillian said gently, with no energy to infuse firmness into her tone. “This is no way to treat elders.”

Chief Benson looked at her in disbelief. “This snake is yours? And it has a name?”

“Mummy… Abiye can’t release this man just yet…” Nneka said pleadingly.

“Why can’t he? I know we are in danger but your father and I are not in support of you children putting your lives on the risk or causing any harm.” Lillian said, almost in tears. “Please my children don’t act irrationally.”

“It’s not about that mum… we promise we won’t hurt him.” Aisha assured her.

“But that’s because he is Ronke’s father more than anything else.” Mustapha chipped in through gritted teeth.

“We honestly can’t let Chief Benson go because he knows too much.” Nneka calmly explained. “We need to wipe his memory.”

“Wipe his… my goodness this is too much for one day.”

“I can’t say the same for those in there— I mean they are armed after all.” Mustapha went on as if his mother wasn’t faint enough. “But I know Muyiwa won’t kill them.”

“We vowed never to kill because of you and daddy.” Aisha added gently.

“Can someone wipe this man’s memory fast?” “He just peed on me.”

“Ah!” Chief Benson cried. “It talks!”

“I’ll make this quick.” Mustapha said, cracking his knuckles.


Ronke tried not to look at her father with disdain as his sleeping frame filled the bed. How could he do such a thing to Muyiwa’s family?

At least he was unharmed unlike the rest of the men found in the room, but Ronke was certain that he only got that grace because he was her father. As she wished they didn’t pity him because of her, as he did not pity them because of her.

The police had called to inform her that they had received a tip from an unknown source that her father was found lying unconscious with some men and malformed guns in a bungalow in an estate— right before she got a missed call from Muyiwa. She remembered the text she had gotten from him much earlier that had put her on the edge all day:

Going out of school with Fredrick… My mum and siblings are in trouble.

 I’m guessing your dad.


From the look of things, it was definitely him.

After that text Muyiwa’s number was switched off till she missed his call when they brought her father in. She stared at her phone blankly, thinking it was best to call him back when she was out of the hospital.

Suddenly her father stirred, and she started. The doctor had mentioned him not making any movement since he had been admitted. She rushed out of the ward to call on the doctor, not stopping to protest when a small group of men brushed past her as she moved across the hall.


Chief Benson was seeing things. He was in a white room with three familiar faces staring down at him. He blinked repeatedly and realized he was lying down on a bed. He tried to get up but one of the men pushed him back down.

“Where… where am I?” he asked. He tried to recall by himself, but his head hurt doing so.

“The boss wants to know what went wrong with the lawyer.” The tallest of them said, peering down at Chief Benson with eyes as cold as steel.

“The lawyer…? Oh Richard! I was supposed to meet up with him today, but I have no idea how I got here. Was I in an accident? I feel so weak.”

“Your boys are totally beat up. I thought you had it under control Chief.”

“You have no respect for me anymore Caleb.” Chief Benson said tiredly, even though he wanted to be stern. He felt drained and the worst part was he had no idea why. “And what do you mean my boys are totally beat up”

“Boss told me to tell you to hands off Richard. He knows far too little to be causing so much trouble.”

“I told your boss that I had it all under control. Once I get discharged I will—”

“The boss says to drop it Chief Benson.” Caleb said with an irritated tone. “He has lost interest in owning your company— you just have to find another way to pay off your debts.”

“Selling my company is the only way I can pay your boss back, and I can’t do that with Ibrahim still in the picture. Even if I get another lawyer, I fear Richard knows too much.”

“It doesn’t matter to us what the lawyer knows about you as long as he doesn’t know our boss. Your miscalculated antics though, may tempt him to pursue further in a bid to understand your desperation. No one must know my boss ever tried doing any business with you, and since he’s not the only one you owe, there’re a lot of enemies to blame this on.”


It took a while for Ronke to get the doctor to come back with her, but by the time they got back in her father was fast asleep. The doctor checked the sleeping man’s vitals and shook his head confusedly.

“I don’t understand this.” he muttered under his breath, but he wasn’t low enough to be out of Ronke’s hearing.

“Doctor what’s the problem? Did he slip into a coma?”

The doctor heaved a heavy sigh and looked at the panicking lady apologetically.

“We’re sorry… but we lost him.”



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