A Dozen Dark Poetry Pieces: Rhummi, En Silence and Changing

Like I said in the first quarter, I stumbled on this piece, but they were mesmerizing. I was looking for pictures of deep sea creatures (they scare the hell out of me and yet mesmerize me at the same time) when I came across a picture that looked like a perfect picture prompt. When i went to the site I saw a lot of other interesting pictures, so i decided I’d do a short poem on all of them. Check HERE!

Some of them are just PERFECT for some stories I had planned to upload here… so don’t be surprised when a picture pops up in other corresponding stories! Read them and tell me what you think…

Pretty Cool Huh?

I picked about a dozen so I’d be posting in threes. So… enjoy the second quarter of the poetry series!!!


Mystery is the most overwhelming of all concepts existing

You find yourself plagued with so many thoughts

That could or could not define the dead or the living

In a bid to overcome the vacant feeling of knowledge’s droughts.


Mystery itself might take a form, but not a name

Represented in a haze as literal as it is metaphorical

With bloodshot eyes like those that have lost sleep over the unknown, and a mane

On which resides the unidentified object that scrambles our coherence of the metaphysical


Pale skin representing those shut in buildings

Laboriously trading sunlight for the insatiable thirst for new knowledge

Discarding color in the pursuit of findings

But never satisfied with the few they manage to salvage


Mystery loves that it evades definition

And fights for its freedom in the form of a lack of coherence

For what man cannot handle, God for that reason

Hid them in the shadows, allowing limited knowledge of their existence.





En Silence

The eyes are the window to the soul

Where the heart and mind merge to express themselves in one form

Only those who look well enough can see in a whole

What the mouth would like to speak, but cannot bring forth


Our lips are sealed, in life and in death

By pride, affliction and a loss of life

Amongst many other forces, in sickness and in health

In success, failures, peace and strife


Even those who speak loosely or in abundance

Don’t stop talking because they feel they haven’t expressed their innermost thoughts well enough

Our core will forever be trapped in silence

No matter what part of ourselves we reveal; the smooth or the rough


A girl walks forlorn, cloaked in the dark

Her huddled figure ignoring your call, but she doesn’t take flight

You reach out to touch her, her short wispy hair searing on your skin like a freshly made mark

And she looks at you, and you’re overwhelmed by her screams, even as her lips are sewn tight






Change starts from within and ends with the manifestation of the physical

It could come naturally or be induced

It is the representation of the concept of life down to the metaphysical

A constant force that can never be removed


A lone nymph hidden in the forest, becomes one with the wild

Trading mobility for durability

Thick strong bark once skin so mild

She embraces her idea of surety


Trees live longer, she thought,

And know no pain

But time passed without a doubt

And man had come to the forest to reign.


They brought the axe, they brought the sword,

And the dear nymph had no legs to run

The might oak had fallen to make the Queen’s bed,

And the poor woman would not each night, escape the sound of that last groan