The Demented Poet

Read and Enjoy the weird tale of a poet that lost his mind, part inspired by Alesana’s Album, “The Emptiness” (If you love screamo and don’t know them, I would be very shocked right now)


“Insanity is a blood curdling concept, in which its affliction is worse than expressed to the world. Gloom hangs over like a heavy cloak, and looms over us like the dreaded grim reaper; flashing depression at us as its scythe, taking over lives…

Yet we still live— as ghosts of ourselves, shedding our past emotions like old skin withering away without use— Insanity is indeed a surreal concept.

Don’t you think so?”

I look up after the last line from the faded paper at your figure suspended in mid-air.

The ropes hanging from the ceiling that bind you give an extra effect to your torn dress hanging limply from your shoulder, and your long hair blowing softly in the soft breeze coming in from the window opposite us. The moon— our only source of light, seems so cold and lifeless tonight.

Did I really think there was anything magical within that glowing sphere?

The more I gaze at it, the more I see the moon turn red.

The hue began to deepen until it can be likened to crimson with so much liquidity at the surface I almost expected to drip and rain blood from the sky.

“Oh No! The moon is white again! I need to see more of that lovely color.”

Your green eyes widen as I bring out the blade, It is shiny, so wonderfully sharp. It only took a little pressure at the tip to release that wonderful color; a dramatic contrast to my skin. Your ivory skin is so flawless—I wonder how crimson would look on you…

Your arm is so pretty Diane; see the crimson liquid flowing down your hand… tastes better than mine though.

Why do you keep trying to scream? I had to bind those lovely lips of yours, yet you still make effort. And what are those dripping from your face? You can’t be so happy as to express such joyful tears on my behalf. I’ve not been that good a guy seriously. But I try.

I’ve always admired your silken hair Diane; can I keep a lock with me? I knew you’d accept.

Oops! It seems like I cut a little too much.

Your hair is so pretty Diane; let me put it next to mine on the floor here.

I remember all our times together Diane; it was so sad when we broke up. But I’m here now. Aren’t you happy to see me?

Diane… why aren’t you answering?

Maybe a little pressure along your leg will help you loosen up. Wow, more of that lovely color. And it still tastes better than mine.

You like that Diane? Does it feel good?

Why won’t you answer ME?!

Stop kicking me! Alright I’ll pay attention to this leg too if that’s what you want.

Stop Squirming!


Remember how I loved to trace your spine? Do you like that Diane?

Oh… that lovely color again.

I wish you could see it Diane; it’s down your back though.

Maybe I should take a picture and show it to you.

Let me just leave this wedged in your back.

I’ll be back soon.


A Beautiful Lie

Hello Reader! If you’re a rock fan and you know 30 Seconds to Mars, then you’d be familiar with their track “A beautiful Lie” I love the video… You can check it out Here

The beautiful thing about music is no matter how simply the lyrics are written, you can always get more than one meaning from it. Kind of like this story.

Like similar stories that would appear in this category, i made sure to interprete EVERY line of the song. If you know the lyrics to this song pretty well you can go through this and prove me wrong with a comment. I’ll show you I’m right tho… *shrugs*

In case you don’t know the lyrics well enough (or at all), I’ve inserted a link Here out of the goodness of my heart… Lol.

Woah… Too much talk. Get on with the reading please!

A Beautiful Lie

“Hey Jake aren’t you coming with us?”

Jake peered at his best friend Moesha and her new boyfriend Jayden from beneath the hood of the sweatshirt he wore under his jacket. He despised Jayden, but he could never refuse Moesha anything. He shrugged in response to her question and unfolded his long legs from the bench he was sitting on so he could follow them. He’d never spoken to a soul- not even Moesha- since he was six. Moesha respected his decisions to be mute, and accepted his plain reason (written on paper like the rest of their conversations) that there wasn’t anything worth saying in his opinion.

But Moesha was really the only person he had ever warmed up to in his entire life. At first when she insisted on becoming friends with him he viewed her as nothing more than a pest, though he never made any effort to push her away. She was practically his only friend; and even though they were polar opposites, they were comfortable with each other’s lifestyle. Jake could never decide on what he liked most about Moesha- maybe the fact that she wasn’t a snob even though she was very popular (and hot) or the fact that she could beat up any jock as much as he could. Or the fact that she was sort of a tomboy, though not in appearance. She was practically the only girl he knew that could beat a guy in arm wrestling while checking out her lip gloss.

But most of the time it was just the two of them though, even with her large number of friends. She never tried to impose her friends on him, and she always made time for her other friends even as she spent more time with him. Everyone wanted to be around her, and it never bothered Jake until she started crushing on Jayden Adams, the class president. She started spending more time with him, and after a while Jake began to feel jealous; even though he tried hard not to be. She had liked (and dated) a lot of guys in the past, but she was never serious with them like she was with Jayden. He really wanted to be happy for her, but he just couldn’t. Jayden was a jerk, and didn’t really care about anyone but himself. He didn’t want Moesha getting hurt. Even though she was physically strong, she was very emotional.

“Hey…” Jayden said nervously as Jake walked beside them. He nodded at him in reply and looked away.

Jake wasn’t shy- he was just mute. But he was a loner; a social outcast who never smiled at anyone except his best friend. But he knew how to mask his emotions- even to Moesha- so it was easy to hide his resentment for Jayden for her sake. No one said anything after that, and for a while they walked at a steady pace, moving silently against the dry wind blowing against them.

“I can’t believe you’re not even going to ask where we’re going.” Moesha said, cracking up for no apparent reason, evidently to break the silence.

Jake rolled his eyes and smiled, before shrugging in reply.

“We’re going to the fair.”

Jake looked at her with a grim face, eyebrows raised.

“Hey I know you don’t like crowds but you’re going to love it.” Moesha squealed, tugging the sleeve of her jacket excitedly. “Besides, they’re only here once a year so I don’t want to miss it.”

Jake didn’t see the deal in public events. He loathed them, and avoided them as much as possible.

Today wasn’t just one of those days.


Moesha’s voice faded into the background as Jake tried to make as little contact as possible with the people around him. He stuffed his hands in his Jacket and tried to make himself look as small as he could. The action was stupid; since he was extremely tall, and likely to attract attention, especially in a crowd. His height was one of the things that never made him invisible, except when he was sitting down.  Moesha on the other hand, was having the time of her life with Jayden. She made him go with them on all the rides; so by the end of the day, he wasn’t feeling so good.

“I think I’m going to throw up.” he said, sitting beside Jake on a nearby bench. Jake got up immediately- he wasn’t ready to get barfed on.

“Sorry Jayden. I told you not to eat so much before going on the rides. Let me see if I can- Wow look at that!!!”

The boys followed the direction of her finger, which was pointed towards a tent with a signboard that said:

Morgana the Medium: Make your dreams come true

Jayden let out a snort and Jake rolled his eyes. He didn’t believe in magic,  ghosts, or anything supernatural. But he knew Moesha was crazy about that kind of stuff.

“Let’s go inside.” Moesha said, jumping up and down excitedly.

“I still feel like throwing up.” Jayden said, his face turning green a little. “I think I’ll wait here.”

Jake would rather have waited too, even if it meant being barfed on. But he didn’t have much of a choice because Moesha was already dragging him in before he had time to protest. The medium’s tent was giving off bad vibes in his opinion, but it had to be in his head since it seemed like he was the only one that felt it.

He snapped out of his thoughts as he heard Moesha gasp. He turned to the direction of her wide eyes and saw a sight that sent a shiver through his bones.

A tall beautiful woman with almond shaped eyes and shiny olive skin stood beside a table, on which a crystal ball and some tarot cards were placed. Behind the table a bent old woman sat on a chair.

Her face was full of lines and her hands were gnarled and twisted. She had a sinister smile on her face, and her eyes were glassy in appearance. She looked at Jake, and her grin widened. Jake took a step back, but Moesha held him firmly in place.

“Come to change your life Jake Thompson?”

Moesha looked at Jake, her eyes questioning. Jake shook his head to indicate that he didn’t know the woman.

“Do not be surprised I know your name… I also knew you and Moesha were going to come here”

Jake looked at the woman, scared and puzzled at the same time. She stared back, with a sort of emotion in her voice this time as she spoke.

“Your destiny depends on it”

Jake shook his head and turned to leave. He didn’t have time for all this. He was almost regretting coming to the fair in the first place.

“I can make you sleep well again”

He snapped back and looked at her. He never got a lot of sleep, since he was ten. Even after the dreadful experiences passed over the years, the memories kept flooding back at night, and all he could do is think about his messed up life as he lay in bed every night.

The tell-tale rings underneath his eyes were enough for her to work on. There was no way she could know about his past- it wasn’t possible. No one knew of his past, not even his aunt who he was living with presently.

“Do you like the way your life is? Or do you want to be different?”

Jake looked away from the lady, growing impatient with every passing second. He didn’t need anyone reminding him of how much his life sucked in a bid to take advantage.

“Try to let go of the ugly truth… your youthful battles.”

He gritted his teeth and stuffed his hands deeper in his pockets.

“Life isn’t hard… it’s just a game.”

Angrily, He shrugged Moesha off him and walked out of the tent.

“Jake! Wait up!”

He turned back and gave Moesha an apologetic look.

“Wanna talk about it?” she said, reaching for the small notebook she kept in her purse for their conversations. He shook his head and lowered his head.

“Fine.” Moesha said in an expressionless voice, looking around. “Hey do you know where Jayden went?”

Jake shrugged. They went into the tent together- he didn’t see how he could know. Besides, it wasn’t like he cared.

They searched everywhere they could, but there was no sign of Jayden.

“He’s not answering his phone either.” she said with a frown “I hope he’s alright.”

Jake pressed his lips in a thin line. He had other things on his mind that did not involve Jayden; like the old woman’s words that kept coming back to him. What did she mean by what she said? He couldn’t help but feel that she wasn’t just saying it for business sake.

Just then a strong wind blew against them, making them shiver.

“Let’s go- it’s no use… He’s probably gone home now.” she said, holding her jacket tightly to her body.

They walked home in silence for a while at first.

“Um… do you think the medium was serious back there?”

Jake tensed up, and shook his head.

“Well she did seem to have struck a nerve when we were in the tent.”

Jake stopped in his tracks and shook his head again; hoping Moesha would get it this time.

She did. “You don’t wanna talk about it, do you?”

He sighed and nodded his head.

“Well, you never want to talk about anything.” she said in a wavering voice.

Before he could understand what he did wrong, she dashed off.

It was late. She shouldn’t be wandering off on her own. He raced to catch up with her, but he couldn’t seem to find her anywhere. It seemed like she just disappeared, or worse still…

A scream in the bushes confirmed his fears. He ran towards the direction of the voice and managed to pull Jayden off Moesha and punch him before he could do anything.

Moesha collapsed into his arms, sobbing. He lifted her bridal style and took her home. No one was home, so he got her keys and opened the door. She was trembling by the time he set her in bed. He threw a towel to her and pointed to the bathroom, and she shook her head.

“I think I’d rather be alone.” She said in a cold expressionless voice that he had never heard before. It wasn’t weird for him to sleep over at her place, and it shocked him that she’d push him away after what had just happened. Still startled by her response, he squeezed her hand reassuringly and left a note on her bedside table.

Text me if you need to talk. It doesn’t matter how late.

That night the day’s experiences haunted his thoughts. He thought about the woman and her mysterious words; about Moesha and how he’d not been fair to her. He knew how much she preferred to express herself through conversation, and he couldn’t even provide her with a response when she needed it the most. He wasn’t surprised she didn’t text him, even though he hoped she would. It was about 2am before he finally drifted off to sleep.

He left the house earlier than usual so he could check up on Moesha, and if possible apologize. She’d been so patient all this while… she deserved to know a bit of his past so she could understand why he became this way. Her parents were rarely around, and she was an only child. He thought about how lonely she must get as he made his way to her room; clutching tightly the flowers he had bought on his way to appease her.

As he opened the door, he got the shock of his life. Jayden was standing in her room, pleading to Moesha who was standing on the leather seat of her window sill, poised as if she wanted to jump off. He dropped the flowers and raced to Jayden’s side.

“I’m so sorry Moesha. I… I was drunk.” Jayden said, looking at Jake for help.

“You weren’t. Don’t make me feel worse by lying- just leave me alone.”

“Jake’s here Moesha. Please don’t do this.”

Jake looked at Jayden. He couldn’t decide if he was doing this because of his conscience, or to save his reputation. But it didn’t matter either way- Moesha’s life was on the line. He knew he could startle her if he made a move to get her down so the only way was to coax her out of it. He grabbed a large piece of paper lying on her desk and scribbled on it in large print.

Please Moesha… don’t do this.

Moesha turned back and looked at him. She was a mess today- her blonde hair tangled, her eyes red and puffy from the tears and yesterday’s makeup still running over her face. She had evidently been crying all night.

She looked at the note and shook her head. He scribbled on the other side.

A lot of people have gone through worse, and they didn’t have anyone to share their problems with. You have me- and you know I really care about you.

She shook her head again and started to sob. He threw the paper aside. Time was running out- and he didn’t know what else he could do.

Then for an unknown reason, the medium’s words came back to him.  And he knew that the only way to save Moesha was to forget about the past; to wash away what had happened. He had to let his emotions out- he had to quit hiding behind an empty, expressionless face.

“Moesha please.”

Moesha and Jayden stared wide-eyed at Jake. It was surprising for everyone, even him.

He thought for a split second how husky his voice was, and how shaky it was, like he didn’t know how to use it.

“I’ve… I’ve been in your shoes once” He said, his voice gaining strength with every word. He blinked back the tears- no time for them now.

“Get out.” Moesha said to Jayden, not leaving the window as she spoke. Jayden complied without argument. She then nodded at him to go on.

It was then Jake poured his heart out- telling Moesha things he’d never told anyone before- about his psychotic father who beat his mum to death, raped him, then killed himself. He was ten years old then, and he’d been mute ever since. By the time he was through he was bawling, but an immense relief washed over him, like a big burden had been lifted off his shoulders.

Moesha was crying too. She wasn’t even raped, and she tried to kill herself as though her problems were the greatest in the world. Jake had gone through so much, and had managed to keep going. She knew his past had something to do with the way he was now, but nothing she imagined was close to the actual truth. She had so much to ask, but she knew it wasn’t the time for that. But she had to say one important thing though.

“I’m sorry.”

She turned to him slowly to look at his tear stained face. She had to comfort him. But as she tried to step down the window sill, she slipped and fell out, screaming Jake’s name all the way.

Jake raced down the stairs to the front door where Moesha’s dead body lay. It was like his whole world had ended that minute.

A crowd of people had gathered, and they were all giving him questioning looks. He was feeling lightheaded, like he had been running in circles.

“I didn’t kill her… she fell off the window.” He said in a soft voice, his throat dry all of a sudden. He clutched at it, unable to stop the fresh tears from falling. They kept staring, but they didn’t appear to be listening. He shut his eyes tight, expecting the worst as they closed in on him slowly, chanting his name.

Jake… Jake…

“I didn’t do it” he said, his voice pleading, his desperate cries building higher as they moved closer, still chanting his name.

Jake… Jake…

“Jake… Jake wake up!”

Jake opened his eyes slowly. That couldn’t be Moesha- she was dead. Unless they were both dead…

“Hey Jake aren’t you coming with us?”

She was standing next to Jayden, her long brown hair blowing the wind, her green eyes full of amusement.

He let out a laugh, making her and Jayden jump. He continued to laugh uncontrollably, until tears fell from his eyes.

“I was so… happy to hear the sound of your voice at long last but now I’m just creeped out.”

Jayden wiped his eyes and got off the bench he was sitting on.

“We’re going to the fair. Wanna come with?”

“You’re not going anywhere” He said, hugging her tightly. “I’m not letting you out of my sight again”

“Again? What are you talking about?”

Without caring that Jayden was there, he kissed her. Dreaming about her dying was enough for him to think about how he couldn’t live without her; and how he loved her more than a friend.

“I love you Moesha.” He said, breathing heavily.

Moesha smiled at him, and held his hand. It was then he remembered Jayden was still there.

“Beat it.” he said, narrowing his eyes at him for a second. Jayden rolled his eyes and walked off.

It was a dream… rather, a beautiful nightmare. But he needed it.

Just then a small paper fell out of his pocket.

Life isn’t hard… it’s just a game.

Remember that


He shook his head and laughed again. That medium played him. The whole thing was a lie- but a beautiful one, now that the whole thing is cleared.

She made him realise that his present life was a perfect denial of what his life really had in store for him. But not anymore. It was definitely a lie, but a beautiful one to believe in.

“You know what Moesha? Let’s go to the fair. You know it only comes once a year and I don’t think you’d want to miss it”