Musings of a Weirdo…


This is to the Lucky Person staring at this page at the moment (Hiiii!)

Sometimes I like to stare at the ceiling fan while I think or daydream, not because the answers lie within the blades of the fan which become barely visible with its fast movement, but because the circular motions make me feel kind of dizzy. I like to imagine that I would get so dizzy that my mind might leave me and travel to far lands and see lots of exciting things. Okay that mindset has to change because I watched a creepy movie titled “insidious”, where some kid’s spirit travels far off and he couldn’t get back, and lots of souls that didn’t have bodies anymore kept hanging around the boy’s house, hoping to take over the body. Yeah I know that it’s just going to be my mind wandering, but I know there are LOTS of ‘bodiless’ minds trying to get a hand on all of THIS. Can’t say I blame them though.

I have an aim in life: To be the one unaffected by society. (Thanks a lot Bola for this WONDERFUL picture you made me… I feel blessed)

Debola 20150717_200436

I agree to the saying “when in Rome, do like the Romans”, but for me that only means one should respect the ways and beliefs of any location you find yourself. If you find yourself in a place where the ladies cover up way more than you’re used to, please hide your short shorts and avoid either being beaten or instigating a revolution even you can’t handle. You can’t go to a bank interview wearing a tank top and flip-flops just because that’s what you’re most comfortable in, or wear a clown suit to a burial just because you think it’s funny. You adjust to the way they do their things, because of the keyword: RESPECT. But what happens when the Romans are into stuff you know is TOTALLY wrong? We all have our standards which we would rather not compromise, and even though certain practices are in reality harmless and do not jeopardize our personal beliefs, we have to stay true to ourselves. You’re religious; you shouldn’t compromise your beliefs because everyone around you is atheist. You’re vegan; you definitely DON’T need to force yourself to down that hamburger and milkshake just because that’s what everyone else ordered. Be true to yourself, though it may mean that sometimes you might not be able to be expressive about it as you would like. Your beliefs are YOUR beliefs, but the beliefs of others should be respected as well. Even if you feel it’s wrong and think you should enlighten them to a whole new perspective foreign to them that you think is better for them, you should stop to think about why they view life the way you do and respect them for it, because who know? You might actually be the wrong one. So please dear friend, you don’t have to shove a symbol of your belief (a placard, banner or even a religious item) in anyone’s face in order to make them accept (or at least not make fun of or look down on) your view on life. It would end up just annoying them, or you could get punched in the face. Ouch. (Sorry I just imagined you with a black eye right about now… which is what you get for not listening to me). There’s nothing wrong with bravely expressing yourself; switching on that flashlight in the dark world so everyone can actually see that they have been going the wrong way the whole time, but you cant do that by pointing the flashlight in their eyes right? You’ll just blind them further, and annoy them, right before you get punched. (There goes the other eye… want a slice of cold ham for that? Oh you’re vegan… sorry. A bag of frozen peas then?) All I’m saying is… be true to yourself, express yourself in whatever way you want. But just as you want people to respect your beliefs in the process, do the same to others. You get what you give, my friend.



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