Black Coffee and Mocha: Serial Killer or Something Else?

Greg is a dark-skinned, philosophical model who is the perfect gentleman… every naïve girl’s worst nightmare. Thelma is an ambitious bad-ass combining school with running her own bistro… every unserious guy’s worst nightmare. Together they form a dynamic duo never failing to get caught up in one adventure or the other… especially when they don’t even try!!!

Another chapter of Black Coffee and Mocha is up… longer than the usual though. It was a weird inspiration piece, but yeah… I don’t give off details. I hope you enjoy this and as always, Big shout out to Tega Oteve for her support on this… much love!!!





“This would have been a whole lot better if Ivy came along.” Greg muttered as they walked out of their apartment building. “We don’t even have a game plan.”

“Says who?” Thelma said, rolling her eyes (courtesy of hanging around Ivy too long). “You’d slip into the seat right behind mine and eavesdrop on our conversation. Make sure you scan his features when you walk in okay?”

“That plan is fifty shades of wrong my friend.” Greg said with a grunt. “And just to show you it’s not completely wrong, we’ll leave the elements in there.”

“Will we get arrested?”

“Of course not Thelma.”

“Okay then… what do I have to do?”

“Nothing… except me, of course.” Greg said with a sly grin, and Thelma shoved him like she was angry.

“Okay… for real… what’s the plan?”


Thelma walked into the coffee shop nervously. It was a serene place with plus leather armchairs and loveseats, with a setup that made it look like a lounge for coffee and intellects (no surprising, since they named the place “the coffee lounge”). This was her favorite place to unwind when she wanted to get away from everyone, so she didn’t understand why she told the guy to meet her here on their first date.

Only Greg knew about her favorite spot, so he didn’t understand her choice either. “You may end up changing spots… because the last thing you’d want is to have some guy that couldn’t get over you not wanting more than one date hanging around there like some pathetic sop, only to see you there and come in embarrassing you with some poem he wrote about you not picking up his calls anymore.”

She bit her lip thoughtfully. She hadn’t thought about that before, and one could trust Greg to rub in some annoying facts. Shaking the image of her best friend with a triumphant smirk on, she ran her hands through her hair and tightened her grip on her handbag while she searched for a suitable spot. She found one close to the window, with two arm chairs with an end table between them. The coffee lounge was usually packed during the weekdays, filled with students from the nearby community college and workers who wanted their morning coffee before work or a sandwich during their afternoon break.

She settled on one of the armchairs and let out a big sigh. She was not worried about she looked— she didn’t need anyone to tell her she always looked amazing, but Greg had made it his point of duty to do so for free— but she was concerned about what her mischievous best friend had up his sleeve. Her eyes strayed to the entrance as it opened, and her breath hitched a notch.

Her date was here

Tall, handsome and well sculpted, just like the day they met… with the sleeves of his loose cotton shirt rolled to the elbows. Thelma exhaled a little loud for her own ears. She decided to pretend she hadn’t seen him yet, but then his eyes met hers and he waved. She waved back, trying her best not to grin.

“Hey Thelma.”

She was getting dizzy from staring at him up close. He sat down and apologized for being a little late, and all she did was nod because she was busy trying to remember how she had met her date. Nothing came up— she met lots of people almost every day. Suddenly a text came in and Greg’s name flashed on her screen.

“One minute please… it’s important.” She said, giving him an apologetic smile before tapping on the text.

“He’s definitely a serial killer… I should be in soon.”

Thelma resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She turned to focus on her date and they fell right into conversation.


Greg tucked his phone back into his pocket— he didn’t expect Thelma to reply, as they would have gone back and forth and completely forgotten she was on a date. He didn’t think she really needed him to be there, so he was contemplating on leaving when he saw her.

Or rather, she saw him.

Those long legs and olive skin… they were all too familiar, even as they were covered up by black leather knee high boots. She stopped in front of him and folded her arms.

“Fancy running into you here… Greg.”

“It’s nice to see you again, your highness.” Greg said with a smirk, mirroring her gesture.

“It’s Nancy… not surprised you don’t remember… considering how your girlfriend yanked you out of my car that night.”

He knew her features were too recent in her memory. Instead of widening his eyes in realization, he kept his smirk intact. “I wonder why you’d think you’re that easy to forget.”

Nancy eased into a smile, most likely buying into his comeback. “So… what are you doing here?”

“Came to get a sandwich… care to join me?”

Her only response was a smile.


Thelma’s impulsively looked at the entrance door again, not surprised to see Greg walking in with a date of his own, probably someone he bumped into on his way here. She didn’t want to look but the girl looked awfully familiar. She turned back to her date. He was engrossed in his description of his latest art project he didn’t seem to notice he had lost her for a few minutes.

“Are you dirty-minded?”

“What?” her date was obviously taken aback by her question.

“It is said that creative people are usually perverted to a degree…” Thelma said with a shrug.

“Wait… do you want to sleep with me?” her date asked, raising an eyebrow.

Thelma raised an eyebrow. “It was a simple question…”

Her date laughed and shrugged. “Time will tell… maybe you’d be able to tell after another date?”

Thelma could only flash a smile. Just then, her date began to frown. He got to his feet without speaking and walked to a table.

“Nancy! What the hell are you doing here?!”

Nancy chuckled without taking her eyes off Greg, who had become visibly uneasy. “I’m on a date John, what does it look like?”
John was about to speak, but Nancy rose to her feet and looked him in the eyes. “You have some nerve you know… getting angry seeing me with a guy when you’re out on a date yourself.”

John was unfazed. “You’re my little sister… and you keep getting yourself into trouble.”

Nancy scoffed. “Do you know how old I am?”

“You just turned eighteen this month.”

Greg’s eyes widened, but he didn’t say a word. This was getting good.

“You’ve had more trips to the hospital than girls twice your age.”

Nancy’s fists tightened. “Airing my dirty laundry in public, are you?”

“If it keeps you out of trouble then I don’t care.”

“Says the guy who does porn for a living.”

“Wait what?” Greg couldn’t stop himself from blurting out. Nancy and John gave him a look.

“Do you mind? Siblings are arguing over here.” Nancy said, flipping her weave.

“Porn is good for the health… I’m doing the general public a favor.”

“I don’t understand…”

Greg turned to exchange a look with his best friend, who had been standing right in front of John and Nancy the whole time they had been arguing.

“What’s healthy about porn?”

“Yes please, help us understand what is healthy about stuff that triggers the same chemical secretions that cause addiction?”

“Yes Thelma… talk nerdy to him.” Greg said with a snicker, and she gave him a look. John gave Thelma a disapproving nod.

“If anyone should understand what I mean, it should be this guy here… but apparently he doesn’t.”

“So you’re saying porn is only for men… that’s sexist you know.” Thelma said, putting her hands on her hips in disapproval.

“So you’re saying… you watch porn?!” Greg asked, staring at Thelma in disbelief.

“Shut up Greg… stop drifting off the point.”

“I know you… you’re that girl that pulled Greg from my car that night at the club! Aren’t you his girlfriend or something?”

“Shut up Nancy.”

John looked at Greg and Thelma in disbelief, and grabbed his sister by the wrist. “Let’s go Nancy.”

His little sister didn’t object. Thelma and Greg stood side by side and watched the two of them leave.

“I told you she’d make you scratch and sniff.” Thelma said, shaking her head.

“So you almost dated a porn star eh?” Greg said with a sly smile. “Would have been fun, you know.”

“He told me he was an actor.” Thelma said, slapping her forehead.

“He probably walks around visualizing everyone in a porn movie.”

“Shut up Greg.”


Black Coffee and Mocha: Ivy’s League?

Greg is a dark-skinned, philosophical model who is the perfect gentleman… every naïve girl’s worst nightmare. Thelma is an ambitious bad-ass combining school with running her own bistro… every unserious guy’s worst nightmare. Together they form a dynamic duo never failing to get caught up in one adventure or the other… especially when they don’t even try!!!

Another chapter of Black Coffee and Mocha is up… faster than I thought (maybe because it’s flash fiction or because the inspirations for this story still keep coming up with so much to write about… hahaha). Big shout out to Tega Oteve for her support on this… much love!!!





The familiar husky voice came out in a sort of a whisper from the speaker of her phone. Thelma rolled her eyes.

“Sweet… sweet… Thelma.”

“What do you want Greg?”

“Mood killer. I wanted to ask you what time my babysitting session is.”

“Babysitting session?”

Thelma raised her eyebrows even though he couldn’t see it.

“Yeah.. the date you asked me to accompany you on. That babysitting session.”

“Whatever. My date is 6pm.” Thelma said though gritted teeth, apparently in no mood to argue. “Why did you ask.”

“Well, I was just about to pop into the shower, and I intend to marinate in coconut oil afterwards. So I’ll be at your apartment by 6:30pm.”

“Why 6:30pm? I said 6!”

“I know… but its 3pm now and you girls need like eight hours to get the right outfit and do your makeup.”

“Why do you girls even like you? You’re so mean! Even Ivy is rolling her eyes here.”

“Wait… I’m on loudspeaker? And Ivy is there?! What’s up Ivy?!!”

You lost me on coconut oil.” Ivy said, rolling her eyes again.

“When I’m done with my shower I’ll be downstairs so you can help me put some on my back.”

“I’ll be gone before then” Ivy said wide-eyed. “Thelma can help with that in my place.”

“Thelma? She’d just scratch my back with her long nails, and not in the kinky way.”

“How do you cope with this guy?” Ivy said, shaking her head slowly.

“She loves me that way— for better, for worse… right Thelma?”

“I divorced you years ago… but you keep coming back.” Thelma answered with a laugh. “You’re just a gigolo.”

“No I’m not…”

“Yes you are… Isn’t that right Ivy?”

Before Ivy could answer Greg hung up, and there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it.” Ivy offered, opening the door to find herself standing in front of Greg, who had only a towel on, with a set of clothes hung over one arm and a bottle of coconut oil in his other hand. She stared at him, dumbfounded.

“Hey… you said you were leaving soon.” he said with a shrug. “I wasn’t gonna let you leave without saying goodbye. Just put your arms around me and maybe… just maybe I’ll forgive you for attempting to leave without seeing me.”

Thelma came up to the door, her hands on her hips. “Seriously? You came out of your apartment like this? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time. Quit acting like this hasn’t happened before.”

“I was sparing you some dignity, for the sake of your reputation with Ivy.”

“Trust me Ivy, if you weren’t here it’d be an entirely different thing she’d be saying.” Greg said with a wink as he let himself in. “That’s the advantage of having a best friend like me living right upstairs.”

“Oh please… like anything would have happened if Ivy wasn’t here.” Thelma said, being the one to roll her eyes this time.

“Okay… this is getting awkward.” Ivy chipped in before Greg could speak any further. “You guys need a room… like pronto.”

“We’re in a room.” Thelma and Greg said at the same time.

“Okay, I’m leaving.”

Greg tossed the coconut oil to Thelma and grabbed Ivy by the waist with his now free hand. “Where do you think you’re going? I’ll be out of the shower real quick, so you and Thelma can take turns laying the coconut oil on me.”

Thelma looked at the bottle she had caught deftly, wishing it had dropped before she did and muttered under her breath. “He thinks he’s so slick.”

“We should have pulled off your towel and locked you out.” Ivy said with a groan, rolling her eyes as she struggled to break free.

“I love it when you do that.”

With that he pulled off his towel, revealing a pair of shorts underneath. Thelma burst into a fit of laughter.

“Seriously?” Ivy said in shock.

“I’d love to do a little tease here, but Thelma refuses to put up a pole in her living room. Maybe when I’m done with the shower I’ll put on a little show… that is, if you girls massage me with the oil well enough.”

The two girls didn’t say a word until they heard the water running and his voice from the bathroom.

“Thelma! Still got that soap I like?”

Ivy shook her head and looked at her friend. “Definitely a gigolo.”