Black Coffee and Mocha

Greg is a dark-skinned, philosophical model who is the perfect gentleman… every naïve girl’s worst nightmare. Thelma is an ambitious bad-ass combining school with running her own bistro… every unserious guy’s worst nightmare. Together they form a dynamic duo never failing to get caught up in one adventure or the other… especially when they don’t even try!!!



Fifteen Seconds.

He only had fifteen seconds left till she figured out where he was.

Other girls probably wouldn’t find him out at the back seat of some other girl’s car, but she knew how to fish him out— she was smart like that.

But this girl whose car he was in… she was something else. It had been quite a while since he came across her type; and she had such an innocent face too… right before they got into the car. She flashed him a mischievous grin and tugged hard at his shirt right before she… frowned.

Greg followed her eyes only to see his worst fears materialized into frantic tapping against the window of the car. He rolled his eyes and opened the car door.

“Where have you been? Who is she?” Thelma said, giving him a once over.

“Hey… Thelma.” Greg said nervously through gritted teeth. “Meet…”

He couldn’t remember her name. He didn’t even remember if they had even taken the time to introduce themselves. They probably didn’t, because she didn’t seem to be offended.

“Its Nancy. My name is Nancy.” She said, flipping her long human hair weave and giving Thelma a haughty look.

Thelma was unfazed. Her eyes were on Greg, who was feeling a little uncomfortable being in this kind of awkward situation.

“What?” he had to ask.

“Your fly’s down.” She said impassively. Greg quickly pulled up his zip and glared at her.

“You didn’t do anything with her… did you?”

“Just a little over-the-clothes action… nothing t—”

“We’re leaving.” Thelma said, holding up a palm to interrupt him. “I didn’t take you clubbing with me so you could hook up with Nancy.”

Greg raised an eyebrow at her.

“These heels are killing me, and my dress is too short for me to be standing in the night air.”

Greg heaved a big sigh and got out of the car without speaking. He turned to give a furious Nancy and apologetic look. “Call me.”

Nancy narrowed her eyes “I don’t even have your number!!!”

Before Greg could reply Thelma had dragged him all the way to his car.

“Heard from some guys back there that she’d make you scratch and sniff.” Thelma said with a chuckle before Greg could express his annoyance. He stared at her, dumbfounded from shock.

“You can thank me tomorrow… you’re going with me on a date.”

“On a date?” Greg said, as he opened the car for Thelma to get in.

“Yeah… I’m going on a date with some dude tomorrow. I need you to help me assess him in case he’s a serial killer or something.”


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The “Aly” in Us

I recently put up a chapter of my latest completed novel “Bounds” where the protagonist Aly is a misfit from a world of perfectionists. Her mother is never satisfied with her choices, though you would notice there were nothing bordering the immoral. Her father seems to be on the same plane of thought with her mother, but is less intense and vocal about it. Her awesome big brother Jordan is her only support.


Let’s take a pause and reflect on our lives. We all know that one person who isn’t a bad person, but he or she is just not It.

Not smart enough to be in that class, not pretty enough to be on that show, not trendy enough to be a part of that clique, not buff enough to have gym buddies. But they are there, and they are not having fun. They are clearly standing out like that annoying strand of hair that never wants to stay down.

They already know they don’t fit in there, and don’t need to be reminded by your snide remarks and stares. Really… they get it.

But who are we to say they don’t fit in there? I mean really… all our notions are only as a result of the trying to squeeze into the mold society has already formed for us… and guess what happens when we don’t fit.

Many of us can admit to that one thing that makes us odd… that one thing our friends can do or are good at that we can’t do. For some of us it is as weird as not being able to scarf down junk as much as our bestie because we would end up with all the zits and pounds, while she stays hot and flawless. For some it’s not being able to play video games during that exam with your friend because he has a photographic memory and you don’t. Don’t you get mad when he passes you that game pad? I mean, he knows!

For some of us we have grown past those irregularities and swept them well under the rug. Maybe it’s the reason why we are so insensitive to the struggles of others.

If you can’t admit that you are imperfect in one way or the other, try not to be a pain in the neck to those who you’re perfect in comparison to.

It’s okay to be Aly. Take a peek into her story HERE.