Confidence Streak for the Stubborn



Visualize this:
You just took a picture… Or designed something. And though you weren’t sure you liked how it looked you put it out for everyone to see anyway, like on your bedroom wall or as your profile picture on a social network.
Then suddenly someone sees this picture/painting and tells you they don’t think it’s nice.
And at that moment… You begin to like that picture… I mean, it’s YOURS to begin with right? You’re the only one that has the right to hate it.

That’s a life strategy. Sometimes we need someone to try and pull us down for us to realize we don’t really want to be down.

We put ourselves down a lot until the day someone tries to do the same, and something inside us snaps… And next thing you’re like “how dare he complain about my shirt? I mean it’s my shirt- if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t have bought it”
This is the same you dissed from the moment you left the store with it. You probably just wore it that day cause it was the only clean shirt that in your closet.

Sometimes we can’t stop the voices in our heads from trying to lower our self esteem. But remember- it’s not your voice; and those voices are more dangerous than the voices of the people around you who try to put you down.
So attack them the same way, with more intensity if you can.
Who are they to tell you you’re too fat or too ugly? Heck, let them show their real faces and we’ll know who looks better.

But they can’t… because they’re not real. So why do we listen to them?

It’s time to make war against the negatives- whether they are right in front of you or swimming in your head.
They don’t have the right to tell you what to do- you two weren’t born together, so you won’t die together.
Heck, even twins don’t come out at the same time so what’s their deal?